Pig Little Lies is a love story of epic proportions, never before seen on television. The real-life paramours are a bonded pair… of pigs. Dante and Beatrice, a husband and wife team of potbellied pigs, experience a sometimes hellish, sometimes heavenly, real-life adventure worthy of Dante’s Inferno, the epic medieval love poem after which they are both named.

Two pigs
This grainy photo of the “bonded pair” dumped at the shelter was first spotted by rescuers.

Their rollercoaster ride takes them from their births in the scam-ridden world of greedy pig breeders to a well-meaning but clueless private home. Then, they are unceremoniously dumped at a Southern California high-kill shelter, which is where our story picks up.

Pig Little Lies is the new reality mini-series on the UnchainedTV streaming network, a free app you can download on your phone or TV via streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, AppleTV, or Roku. You can also watch this first-of-its-kind series online via UnchainedTV.com. Produced and directed by the award-winning Eamonn McCrystal, along with producer Hunter Allen, it is the world’s first reality TV series starring a family of rescued pigs.

In episode one, country singer Simone Reyes, an avid animal rescuer who lives in the Hollywood Hills, jumps into action to save these two abandoned pigs after hearing an urgent alert sent out to a loose network of Southern California animal rescuers: two bonded pigs are on the animal equivalent of death row. But Simone knows that the area’s animal sanctuaries are already overflowing with pigs due to breeders falsely marketing potbellied pigs as “micro” pigs or “pocket” pigs, or “teacup” pigs. Turns out, there’s no such thing.

Country Singer Simone Reyes
Country singer Simone Reyes is an avid animal rescuer.

Infant piglets, destined to grow to more than 100 pounds, are being falsely sold as mini-pigs, sometimes for thousands of dollars. When they inevitably get way too big for the average home or apartment, they get dumped at the nearest shelter. There, the clock begins to tick as the pigs get red-listed… in other words… marked for death.

Determined to get Dante and Beatrice out alive, Simone works the phones, hitting up her many contacts in California’s animal rescue world. With just hours to spare before they are set to be euthanized, Simone manages to get help from Cindy Brady, a wildlife rehabber who runs a small sanctuary called Tiny Masters, a half-hour’s ride from the famous Hollywood sign.

Instead of being put down, the pig couple is pulled out. Cindy Brady, already caring for several rescued horses, sheep, and goats, only has her laundry room left to offer the weary Lady Beatrice. Her hubby Dante is given a dry bed of hay in a safe spot near some friendly and curious goats on the other side of Cindy’s property.

Beatrice wiped out after rescue
Mama Beatrice is wiped out after her rollercoaster ride of a rescue.

Then, the biggest twist of all… which is…

Well, you’ll have to watch Episode Two of Pig Little Lies to find out. But here’s a hint. Can you say piggie midwife?

UnchainedTV’s mission is to offer entertaining content that contains a subtle but crucial underlying message. Pigs are highly intelligent. They have unique personalities, experience joy and terror, seek to remain with their family members, and, yes, even fall in love. Please watch this gripping love story like no other.

And, if you’d like to virtually foster any of the piggie stars of Pig Little Lies, please visit TinyMasters.org. Your donations will be used to buy feed for the pigs and provide crucial veterinary care.

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