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Move over, Kardashians, and get ready for a reality show where the main characters are a family of pigs! Pig Little Lies is “the world’s first reality show” of its kind and will air on the free streaming network UnchainedTV with new episodes every Friday. It’s directed by Eamonn McCrystal, an Emmy award-winning producer.

The show stars two potbellied pigs named Dante and Beatrice, who are about to be euthanized at a shelter in Southern California when vegan country singer and veteran animal rescuer Simone Reyes swoops in to rescue them and brings them to an animal sanctuary near Hollywood.  

“Dante literally goes through an obstacle course to be with his bride… but there’s a twist. You’ll have to watch to find out,” says Reyes, who is also the Vice President of Communications for Social Compassion in Legislation. 

The rescuers soon come to find out Beatrice is pregnant, however, and she gives birth to 13 cute piglets in the laundry room at her new home. Then the fun begins.  

“This series will have you question everything you thought you knew about pigs. You will fall in love with Dante, Beatrice, and their adorable brood. This is a loving family that wants to stay together. They are so smart, sensitive, and gentle,” says Jane Velez-Mitchell, founder of UnchainedTV.  

Pigs Little Lies is mostly lighthearted and entertaining, but it also explores the crisis of breeding “miniature pigs” and how they often wind up at the shelter once their humans discover they grow into full-size pigs. The show dives into some of the solutions for this problem, but unlike much of the content on UnchainedTV, it stays away from explicitly supporting a vegan lifestyle. 

“Our strategy with Pig Little Lies is to let people come to their own conclusions about pigs. When people connect the dots on their own, it can’t help but affect their choices,” says Velez-Mitchell. 

To watch the series and check out other content on UnchainedTV, click here.

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