Starting an animal sanctuary is a dream job for so many animal lovers. It’s definitely a lot of hard work, but the ability to save and care for countless animals makes everything seem worth it. Todd Friedman decided to follow his dream of opening his own sanctuary in 2018. While looking at properties, he heard a noise, which turned out to be the squealing of an almost four-month-old pig. Todd immediately knew a few things: this was the farm that he’d buy, the pig’s name was Arthur, and he and Arthur would be friends forever.

The owners of the farm allowed Todd to take Arthur and he headed off with the pig in the back of his car. Soon, Todd hear back and he got the property! He rescued two other pigs, Fay and Vivian so that Arthur wouldn’t be lonely and started his animal sanctuary, aptly named Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary.

Arthur, once a pig destined for slaughter, was now the resident of a beautiful sanctuary named after him. He loves to play, snuggle, and sit on Todd’s lap! The bond between Arthur and Todd is beautiful and we’re so grateful to get to witness it. Watching this video will definitely make your day and bring a smile to your face.

To support Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary, you can donate here!

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