Adopting a new animal companion requires a great deal of thought, planning, and dedication. When we adopt an animal, we are telling them that they will be loved and cared for throughout the entirety of their lives. Sadly, however, this is not always the case, and millions of animals are relinquished to shelters or found abandoned in the streets every single year.

Trends can increase demand for certain types or breeds of animals, but when the trend dies out or the animals do not live up to the expectations of the fad, they are all too often discarded like objects. The popular trend of “micro pigs” (also known as mini pigs or teacup pigs) in particular has many people adopting adorable little piglets expecting them to stay tiny. But when these piglets grow up to be larger pigs, people regularly abandon them. This is what is suspected to have happened to a small pig found abandoned in a parking lot in North Carolina.

The cute little pig, later named Albert, was found abandoned in an Arby’s parking lot and was taken in by wildlife rehabilitators, NC Wildlife Rehab.

Seeing as the rescuers specialize in wildlife and not pigs, they took Albert to a pig expert, who concluded that, although Albert appeared to be two months old because of his small size, he was actually around ten months old. This led them to believe the pig was underfed his whole life because he was thought to be a so-called micro pig, and was then abandoned when it was discovered he was not.

Luckily for little Albert, the kind people at Harmony Farm Animal Haven took him in, and he is enjoying all the comforts of a home and receiving all the love he deserves. Too cute!



If you are touched by this sweet story, you can help Albert on his road to complete recovery by donating to Harmony Farm Animal Haven.

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All Image Source: NC Wildlife Rehab/Facebook