When Fabled Farm, Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, arrived at the farm, the pigs were living in a pen filled with about 8-inches of muck. They were not being properly taken care of and looked extremely scared and helpless. Although the pigs had no idea they were being rescued at the time, they were very well behaved on the long 3-hours drive back to the sanctuary.

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Back at the farm sanctuary, it was discovered that they both had mites and mange, which needed to be treated immediately. Mange is a parasitic disease of the skin caused by mites and is very itchy, irritating, and uncomfortable for pigs. Mites spread from pig to pig by direct contact or contact with recently contaminated surfaces. Since they were living in such horrible conditions, it wasn’t a huge surprise.

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Due to their history of neglect,  they weren’t used to being around people or being handled, so it took time and patience for them to open up and trust again. After spending time with the two of them and getting to know their personalities a little better, Fabled Farm decided to name them Milo and Moonpie. After receiving full checkups, they realized that Moonpie is Milo’s mother, and he is the only piglet that survived the pregnancy!

While Milo and Moonpie had a tragic experience with their previous owners, who badly neglected their health and wellbeing, this story has a happy ending. A family interested in adopting Milo recently visited the farm, and he’s ready to find his forever home!

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Fabled Farm Rescue & Sanctuary is 100% donor-funded. You can donate here to help them continue to rescue and save animals in need!

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