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Pig Little Lies, Episode 5 is the climax of this UnchainedTV mini-series, the world’s first reality series starring a family of rescued potbellied pigs. Now, all that is left is for Dante, Beatrice, and their babies to be completely reunited. A wire fence has separated mama pig and papa pig for weeks, as each gets supervised visitation with their offspring, piglets who go back and forth from mom to dad. Why the separation? While Dante and Beatrice were initially rescued from the shelter as a bonded pair, they’ve both been through a grueling saga and, like many human couples, may have just grown apart. Previous attempts to reunite them have not gone well and might fall into the category of a bad date.

Jane Velez-Mitchell with pigs from Pig Little Lies on UnchainedTV
Jane Velez-Mitchell with pigs from Pig Little Lies on UnchainedTV

But, now, the Los Angeles animal rescue team has assembled at the Tiny Master Sanctuary full of hope, nervously babbling cliches like “happily ever after”… “forever home” and “one big happy family.” So, what’s different this time? Enter stage left, Teri Crutchfield, one of America’s leading pig experts. UnchainedTV has brought Teri in from the San Diego area, where she runs Saving Animals and Healing Hearts, an organization that specializes in pig rescue and rehabilitation. Teri says she gets several calls a week from people who’ve bought what they were told was a “teacup” pig and now want to dump the animal somewhere because the pig has grown “too big.” Teri adds, “It’s absolutely tragic. We have one pig here who became crippled because of the diet prescribed by the crooked breeders who try to keep the fake pocket pigs small. There’s no way. They will grow. So, the starvation diet just makes them sickly.”

Teri huddles the group at Tiny Masters Sanctuary together and does a pre-game “reunion” prep talk. The key is to stay calm and give Dante and Beatrice something that will distract them as the fencing goes down and they are merged into the same outdoor enclosure. What could distract these two from peering intently into each other’s eyes? Hmmm. How about food? Yes, pigs are very food-focused animals. Teri, armed with a sack full of pig treats, is ready to rock and roll.

Country singer Simone Reyes with the piggies from UnchainedTV's Pig Little Lies
Country singer Simone Reyes with the piggies from UnchainedTV’s Pig Little Lies

The fence comes down. Dante is cajoled out of his man cave. Soon, Beatrice emerges from the UnchainedTV rescue barn like an actress walking the red carpet. Is the spark still there? Will this dinner date be miserable or magical? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out. But, no worries, UnchainedTV is 100 percent free to watch and available on so many platforms: your cell phone, your laptop, and your TV via streaming channels like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and Apple TV. Or you can type the word UnchainedTV into the streaming channels search bar of your smart TV. Or, just watch online at This series involved the hard work and contributions of so many animal lovers. The executive producers are Jim Greenbaum, Cindy Landon, Sailesh Rao, and myself, Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Caring for these animals is not cheap. The feed, the veterinary care, the lodging, the maintenance… it’s hard, sweaty, but very gratifying work. If you can help the Tiny Masters Sanctuary by virtually fostering one of these pigs, please do. You will be part of Dante and Beatrice’s extended family, and you will get invites to visit in person and attend other events! Yes, it takes a village of caring, compassionate people. But, the rewards are enormous. Seeing those happy pig faces and wagging tails is priceless. So, on behalf of Dante, Beatrice, Valentino, Buttons, Waffles, Coco, Boris, Suki, Greta (and those already adopted out: Violet, Schnitzel, Guinness, Patches, and Cannoli), we thank you for watching and having such a big heart!

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