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To watch Pig Little Lies, now streaming on UnchainedTV, involves strapping yourself in for a rollercoaster ride of emotion! But, the most nerve-racking episode of all is Episode 4, aptly titled… Surgery! That’s exactly what Mama Beatrice is facing.

After giving birth to a dozen babies and having recovered from the migration into the front yard, Beatrice’s belly is sagging noticeably… almost to the ground. Rescuer Cindy Brady is worried and knows that Bea, as she calls her, also needs to get spayed. So, it’s off to see the renowned Dr. Peregrine Wolff, a veterinarian who is constantly going the extra mile for rescued animals.

Beatrice resists getting to crate
Beatrice cleverly resists getting in the crate as she does not want to leave her babies behind

But, getting Beatrice into the crate proves to be a Herculean task, as Mama Bea does not want to leave her babies behind. Mother pigs, in general, are very protective of their young. That’s why it’s particularly sad that, in industrialized factory farming, mother pigs are kept in extreme confinement and are not allowed to have natural interactions with their babies. Critics see modern-day animal production as the ultimate violation of the female reproductive system. Factory-farmed animals are bred en masse and treated as mere inventory when – in reality – these animals crave being with their offspring. When you get down to it, every mother – human or animal – wants to be with her babies. And every baby wants to be with his or her mother.

Cindy notes how clever Beatrice is, easily outmaneuvering several adult humans and making a mockery of the pig panels that are designed to help people corner pigs. Finally, Cindy has a long conversation with Beatrice, promising her that she will soon return to her babies and her forever home. While Bea may not understand Cindy’s specific words, she picks up on Cindy’s gentle voice and loving demeanor. Seemingly reassured and calmer, Beatrice backs into the crate, and they’re off.

Mama Beatrice doesn't want to leave her babies
Pigs are very attached to their families and seek to remain together, which does not happen on factory farms. Courtesy Cindy Brady

At the vet’s office, Beatrice settles in with a cocktail. No, not the kind you get at a bar. This is a cocktail of drugs to prepare our reality star for surgery. Simone and the gang of UnchainedTV rescuers are nervous, fearful the doctor might find a life-threatening tumor. After several anxious hours, the word is relayed to the volunteers. Beatrice is healthy. No tumors found! It’s a eureka moment, and there are celebratory high-fives all around. Beatrice will, indeed, return to her babies and her forever home. Whew… that was a real nail-biter! But, nothing can prepare us for the final episode of Pig Little Lies. That grand finale is next! Will Beatrice and Dante be completely reunited, no holds barred, to reconnect and rekindle their love affair? Or will they go the way of Amber and Johnny? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Meanwhile, Cindy Brady and her team of animal-loving volunteers need help. That’s why she started, a non-profit where you can virtually foster one of the piglets featured on Pig Little Lies. Just sign up with a small monthly donation. It will help this team pay for hay, food, and vet care. Those who get involved will be invited to in-person events and more!

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