Although we are made to believe farm animals are completely different from our pets, they are often really, really similar. We are reminded of it every time we hear another story about somebody adopting a pig and discovering their experience does not differ all that drastically from having a dog.

Pigs are exceptionally intelligent, social, and playful. They have a great memory, can remember directions, and even recognize humans and other pigs. Pigs are very clean animals – contrary to popular belief – and the reason for their penchant for mud baths is not a love of dirt but the use of a special technique of keeping cool and protected from the sun. Finally, it is the little things, sometimes, that can open our eyes – for example, pigs absolutely love belly rubs!

Laura was rescued from the meat industry by the Santuario Igualdad when she was just a little baby. Since then, she has grown up into a pig of a serious size and has a truly great partiality to pets and rubs! In this sweet video, her love of getting attention and affection is illustrated more than perfectly. And no wonder Laura is such a happy and calm animal now – after all, she is surrounded by love and cared for by people who are her true friends.

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