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It’s the distance of, maybe, a long chip shot in golf. But, for the piglet stars of Pig Little Lies, now streaming on UnchainedTV, it might as well have been a transatlantic voyage… in a hurricane.

Episode 3 of the world’s first reality series starring a family of rescued pigs is called Moving Day because Mama Beatrice and her pack of potbellied babies are set to move from the humble confines of Cindy’s back-of-the-house laundry room to the comparatively luxurious stomping grounds of the front yard. There, UnchainedTV, the free, global TV and online network streaming service, has created the UnchainedTV Rescue Center, a house where this big animal family can live together in peace.

But, first, they’ve got to get there. Words cannot describe the hilarious chaos that ensues as this gentle team of animal rescuers tries to move Mama Beatrice and her piglets named Valentino, Buttons, Waffles, Coco, Boris, Suki, Schnitzel, Patches, Guinness, Cannoli, and Greta into their new digs. The over-the-top squealing of these precious piglets is, alone, worth the price of admission. Oh, did we mention you can watch this all for free on UnchainedTV, which is a completely free, non-profit streaming network easily downloadable on your cellphone or TV via streaming channels or on SmartTV’s streaming channel search bars? Or, you can watch it online at

Pig Little Lies is a fun series with a serious underlying theme. When it comes to animal cruelty, always follow the money and beware of potbellied pig breeders who are selling animals online, from their backyard, or through a retail store, like a feed store. Breeders often misrepresent the pigs they’re selling as fully-grown, adult “teacup” pigs when they’re just infant piglets destined to grow exponentially larger. Experts we spoke to say potbellied pig breeders sometimes claim they can’t “guarantee size” unless the customer follows their recommended pig diet, which is essentially a starvation diet, which can leave the pig severely ill or crippled. The bottom line is that pigs don’t fit into teacups, and there is no such thing as a teacup pig.

As wildlife rehabber Cindy Brady tells us, these incredibly precocious piglets are as smart as toddler humans. The respected non-profit Mercy for Animals explains, “Pigs are actually considered the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world—even more intelligent than dogs—and are capable of playing video games with more focus and success than chimps… Pigs possess a sophisticated sense of direction too. They can find their way home from huge distances away.”

As the volunteers at Tiny Masters quickly learn, piglets can outwit half a dozen fully grown humans by zigging and zagging with extraordinary agility. They also have tantrums. Loud ones. And they don’t listen to their nannies. Finally, Mama Beatrice, overwhelmed by it all, needs to take a water and rest break.

Eventually, it’s mission accomplished. Upon arrival, Mama and babies recover in shallow swimming pools and nibble on an array of treats, including fruits. It’s like 5-star vaca, all-inclusive. Then, as a bonus, the family gets to see Papa Dante, Beatrice’s pig hubby, who has never met his offspring until this moment. It’s a joyous scene. Yet… a thin fence still separates Papa from his babies and his bride. Why? Mama Beatrice is very protective of her brood. When it comes time to drop all barriers, it must be done with care and expertise.

Meanwhile, to set the intention of tranquility and serenity for this new sanctuary space, spiritual cleanser Melissa Breslow is brought in to lead a healing circle. The volunteers and supporters gather with arms outstretched to send love out to this extraordinary pig family. It’s an emotional moment. And, there will be more such moments.. in Episode 4 of Pig Little Lies. So…. Ya Gotta Watch!

There is one way to have a pig in your life without giving money to the morally bankrupt pig breeding industry. Foster a pig… virtually. That’s right, you can now foster one of the piggy stars of Pig Little Lies. Just go to and pick out a pig. Even a small monthly donation goes a long way towards helping Cindy Brady and her team of animal-loving volunteers take care of this brood and give the pigs everything they need for a safe and secure life.

Piglets and Mom lounge together at Tiny Masters Sanctuary in LA. Courtesy Cindy Brady
Piglets and Mom lounge together at Tiny Masters Sanctuary in LA. Courtesy Cindy Brady.
Piglets get cool in the pool
After finally making it to the front yard, the piglets get cool in the pool. Courtesy Pig Little Lies.

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