If you love music, art, dancing, and delicious food, you may want to plan a trip to New Orleans! When you are there, check out these 10 vegan-friendly restaurants to make your trip even more enjoyable.

1. Seed



One of New Orleans only 100 percent vegan eateries is Seed which is serves up traditional Nola dishes. Popular menu item include Southern Fried Nuggets, Seed Gumbo, Eggplant Po’boy, Southern Fried Po’boy, Chickpea Salad, BBQ Sandwich, and more. You could also try the Eggplant Pomodoro, which is panko fried eggplant, whole wheat spaghetti, tomato basil sauce, and shredded spinach. For dessert, try the Raw Ice Cream, Raw Cupcake, Chocolate Mouse, Beignets, or a Cookie! If you can’t make it to Seed, try making these Baked Mushroom Po’Boys.

Seed is located at 1330 Prytania Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130.

2. Dat Dog

Reese Witherspoon/People

If you love gourmet hot dogs, you will for sure want to hit up Dat Dog the next time you are in Nola. Although it is not an all-vegan eatery, there are a variety of vegan dogs on the menu to choose from! Order the Spicy Chipotle Dog, Italian Dog, or the Smoked Apple and Sage Dog. And don’t worry about the buns either, because those are vegan, too! Dress your hot dog in some delicious toppings like onions, guacamole, sauerkraut, relish, blackberry sauce, pico de pallo, and more! You could always try making these Homemade Seitan Hot Dogs.


Dat Dog is located at 5030 Freret Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, and at 3336 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

3. Carmo

Rebecca Ratliff/gonola

Carmo, a tropical cafe and bar, is dishing out a variety of different plant-based options. The menu contains many vegan items like the Carmo Salad, which is rice, pineapple, avocado, almonds, cashews, raisins, cucumber, green pepper, and cilantro tossed with citrus mango vinaigrette served on a bed of organic romaine lettuce. This salad usually comes with ham, but choose the vegan ham instead. You could also order the Rico Sandwich (just specify that you would like it made vegan!) the Caribbean Banana Bread, or the Veggie Kind Sandwich with vegan cheese. If you want, try making this Herb and Garlic Massaged Kale Salad.

Carmo is located at 527 Julia Street, New Orleans, LA 70130.


4. Good Karma Cafe 

Good Karma/Iskcon

Good Karma Cafe is a cute little eatery that serves up plant-based cuisine and coffee inside of a yoga studio. For breakfast, try the Buddha Bagel, Pumpkin Flax Granola, or the Avocado Toast. For lunch, there is always the Fire Burger, Smokey Tomato Sandwich, Teriyaki Tofu Wrap, Karma Salad, and more. You could also try the Everything Plate, which is a sample of a few different entrees, like the Malaysian Curry, Karma Salad, Daily Veggie, and Soup of the Day. Try out this recipe for Ultimate Cauliflower Wing Sampler Platter.

Good Karma Cafe is located at 2940 Canal Street, New Orleans, Lousiana 70119, inside Swan River Yoga.

5. Superfood Bar

Superfood Bar/New Orleans Official Guide

Another plant-based destination is Superfood Bar, which is actually 100 percent vegan, as well as gluten-free. The menu offers an abundance of smoothies, super smoothies, cold pressed juices, raw salads, wraps, teas, and more. If you are a smoothie-lover, try the popular Shhh Smoothie, which is banana, pineapple, date, coconut, coconut oil, acerola, and coconut secret enzymes. If you love wraps, go with the Pesto Wrap, which is a black bean patty, garlic-herb pesto, cherry tomato, greens, all in a brown rice wrap, served with house-made sunflower seed sour cream. You could also try making these Brown Rice Sushi Burritos.

Superfood Bar is located at 4113 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115.


6. Bao and Noodle

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If you are searching for somewhere to eat plant-based Chinese Cuisine in Nola, your search is over! Bao and Noodle is a Chinese food restaurant serving up a variety of vegan options. The menu consists of items like the Steamed Vegan Bao 5, which is soft white dough, filled with mung beans, vegan duck and yellow curry. If you love spicy foods, order the Mixed Sauce Noodle 10, which is thin wheat noodles topped with sesame and chili sauce, peanuts, fermented veggies and sweet bean paste. If you can’t make it to Bao and Noodle, try making these Fried or Steamed Veggie Dumplings.

Bao and Noodle is located at 2700 Chartres Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70117.

7. Breads on Oak

Breads on Oak/New Orleans Official Guide

Breads on Oak is a New Orleans bakery and cafe, with a full line of vegan pastries! The menu consists of items like the Friendly Pig, which has smokey tempeh, vegan cheese, pickled jalapenos, roasted tomato, and house-made remoulade, as well as a Banh Mi on a baguette with local lemongrass chili tofu, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapenos and house-made Sriracha sauce. If you love breakfast sandwiches, try the Egg McVegan, which is vegan egg, bacon and melted cheese on a fluffy buttermilk biscuit — sounds amazing! You could also try making this Breakfast Sandwich With Tofu Egg and Tempeh Sausage.

Breads on Oak is located at 8640 Oak Street, Suite A, New Orleans, Louisiana 70118.

8. Meals From The Heart

Andy Draven/TripAdvisor

Meals From The Heart serves up a variety of plant-based options and some of New Orleans most popular dishes. Try the Vegan Gumbo, or the Vegan Crab Cake Po’boy, which is two vegan crab cakes served on a po’boy with grilled potatoes and mixed vegetables. You could also order the Vegan Pancakes, or the Seasoned Grilled Vegetables with Fried Rice. If you can’t make it to Meals From The Heart, try making this Classic Louisiana-Style Red Bean Gumbo.

Meals From The Heart is located at 1100 North Peters Street Bay #13, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116.

9. Sukho Thai

menu/Sukho Thai

If you love Thai food, check out Sukho Thai, which has their very own vegan menu! The menu consists of popular Thai dishes like Pad Thai, Glass Noodles, Dirty Noodles, Yellow Curry, Pineapple Fried Rice, and more. If you love eggplant and spicy flavors, order the Eggplant Lover, which is wok-fried Asian eggplant, bell pepper, green onion and basil in a fresh chili-garlic and fermented soybean sauce. If you can’t make it to Sukho Thai, try making this Stir Fried Thai Basil With Tofu and Eggplant.

Sukho Thai is located at 2200 Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, and at 4519 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

10. Hivolt

If you are looking for a coffee shop with a hip vibe and plant-based options, look no further than Hivolt! Some vegan options on the menu include a Veggie Wrap, which is hummus and mixed veggies wrapped up in a tortilla. You could also order the Mean Green Salad, which is mixed greens, avocado, green curry, broccoli salad, pistachio, pears, and balsamic. If you can’t make it to Hivolt, try making this Hummus and Greens Wrap.

Hivolt is located at 1829 Sophie Wright Place, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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