Children aren’t the only ones who wait for the Easter Bunny to bring them a basketful of treats — grown-ups look forward to it, too! After all, who doesn’t like all the special candies and desserts that come with Easter? Chocolates, candies, and vegan marshmallows are a few of the all-time favorite goodies for Easter morning. But, let’s not forget about the dessert that follows Easter dinner!

You might think that not eating eggs or dairy would mean that you have to miss out on fantastic Easter desserts, but the good news is, you don’t have to! You can still enjoy delicious, decadent sweet treats at Easter. We can make our own delicious candy and show-stopping desserts, without the dairy or eggs. Check out 15 Homemade Vegan Candy Recipes, Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These 10 Vegan Candy Recipes, and 7 Godly Easter Desserts Made Vegan.


So, get out your most colorful Easter basket and pack it with these 25 vegan Easter treats that will have you happily hoppin’ down the bunny trail.

1. Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg

Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg

Forget eggs! This rich Chocolate Avocado Easter Egg is perfect for Easter. A ripe avocado is sliced and layered with smooth, rich chocolate, and creamy almond butter. With a dusting of cacao powder and a chocolate drizzled down the side, it’s a dessert with a presentation that’ll have everyone salivating.

2. Raw Acai Mini Cheesecakes

Raw Acai Mini Cheesecakes

These adorable Raw Acai Mini Cheesecakes are pretty in purple. They have the creamy, authentic flavor of cheesecake you love. It’s all thanks to the magical combination of cashews, lemon juice, and dates. Açai offers the perfect, fruity note to balance out the citrusy lemon flavors.

3. No-Bake Chocolate Coated Red Velvet Cake Pops

No-Bake Chocolate-Coated Red Velvet Cake Pops

Everyone loves food on a stick, and these No-Bake Chocolate Coated Red Velvet Cake Pops will be a hit at your Easter party. You’d never guess that these little bites of decadence are grain-free! Medjool dates are blended with almond and coconut flour to create rich little bites of red velvet cake. The chocolate coating is entirely optional, but it takes everything to the next level — and on Easter, chocolate is kind of mandatory.


4. Raspberry-Filled Chocolate Coconut Truffles

#5under5: Raspberry-Filled Chocolate Coconut Truffles [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Raspberry Filled Chocolate Coconut Truffles have it all: they’re beautiful, sophisticated, impressive, and most importantly: delicious. Fluffy coconut is stuffed with gooey raspberry jam and then covered in chocolate. Nobody will ever guess that these candies are ridiculously easy to make, contain only five main ingredients, and cost under $5.00 to make the entire batch. That means you can make a bunch of these for your holiday celebration without breaking the bank.

5. Strawberry Shortcake Crisp

Strawberry Shortcake Crisp

Strawberry shortcake is reinvented in this Strawberry Shortcake Crisp that’s so perfect for spring. It has a crumbly date sugar topping and a warm, gooey strawberry center.  Crisps are way easier to make than cakes, so if you’re wary of your cake-making skills, then this simple dessert means that means there’s less time to wait before digging in.


6. Shortbread Bar with Persimmon Jam and a Crumble Topping

3-Layer Shortbread Bar With Persimmon Jam and a Crumble Topping

This Shortbread Bar with Persimmon Jam and a Crumble Topping is three layers of deliciousness. The shortbread in this recipe has the perfect amount of sweetness, the persimmon rose jam has a subtle floral twist to its flavor, and the crumb topping is the maestro that conducts all the flavors in this wonderful symphony. For the grand finale, it’s topped off with a dash of powdered rose. Enjoy these beauties with coffee, a cool glass of almond milk, or  herbal tea.

7. Vegan Chocolate Caramel Bar

Raw, Vegan Chocolate Caramel Bar [Gluten-Free]

These Chocolate Caramel Bars are kind of life-changing.  The base is made from a combination of peanuts, almonds, and dates, the caramel layer is made from dates, and the chocolate layer is smooth and rice. They’re so good, it’ll be a challenge to find the willpower to stop yourself from eating the whole pan. You get to experience decadent, indulgent, chocolate pleasure, but in a guilt-free way, since you’re only eating nuts, dates, and cacao.


8. Nutty Chocolate Bunnies

Nutty Chocolate Bunnies

These Nutty Chocolate Bunnies will have you hopping with joy. It only takes a few ingredients to make these adorable dairy-free treats. If you have kids, or if you’re a kid at heart, we recommend using fresh fruit and vegan marshmallows to decorate the bunnies

9.  Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Eggs

Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Eggs

Easter just doesn’t feel like Easter without some chocolate eggs, and you’ll love these Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Eggs. Chocolate and hazelnut are a heavenly pair. These hazelnut chocolate truffle eggs have a smooth and velvety center that’s coated with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate shell. They’re also so easy to make: just melt, shape, freeze, and enjoy!

10. No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

No bake blueberry cheesecake

If you’re looking for a dessert that feels and tastes deceitfully decadent, then look no further than this No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake. This cake has the richness of a chocolate cake, thanks to cashews, but a delightfully fresh and fruity flavor. Everyone will want to take pictures of this one — the bright blue flavor is stunning!

11. Cherry Coconut Cheesecake Bites

Cherry Coconut Cheesecake Bites

These rich and velvety Cherry Coconut Cheesecake Bites are pure and simple, meaning they’re free of processed sugars and dyes! Cherries provide a beautiful magenta layer that makes these mini cakes almost too pretty to eat. The coconut whipped cream is optional, but it certainly creates a more delectable experience, especially when topped with chocolate shavings and a cherry on top.

12. Raw Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

Raw Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake

Celebrate spring with this gorgeous Raw Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake! It starts with a crumbly no-bake crust made from dates and almonds. It’s then topped with a creamy, tart lemon cheesecake filling, followed by a layer of raspberry cheesecake. As a bonus, both layers of this cheesecake are made vibrant with natural food coloring!

13. No-Bake Raspberry Coconut Caves

No-Bake Coconut Caves With Raspberry Cream

Not only are these No-Bake Raspberry Coconut Caves adorable, but they are so delicious. Shredded coconut is blended with dates and raw almonds to form a sweet, no-bake cookie. A dollop of raspberry cream is then added to each cookie, complementing the nutty coconut flavor. These bite-sized desserts are so easy to make, that this recipe may become your new go-to for anytime you need to bring sweets to a party.


14. Lemon Lavender Truffle Bites

Lemon Lavender Truffle Bites [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Lemon Lavender Truffle Bites are perfect for Easter. Lemon and lavender are a heavenly combination of flavors – light, floral, and bright. Made with cashews, coconut, and dates, these treats are healthy, colorful, and delicious. If you have a big family, then these are an easy way to make a delicious dessert that will leave everybody wanting seconds, without even breaking a sweat.

15. Chocolate Coconut Creams

Chocolate Coconut Creams

Put these Chocolate Coconut Creams in someone’s Easter basket and they’ll be hopping for joy. These bite-sized treats have a creamy coconut filling that’s surrounded by a dark chocolate coating. Fun-shaped chocolate molds are a great idea when making these for special occasions, but if you’re making them for home, then ice cube trays work just as well.

16. Key Lime Sparkle Cookies

Key Lime Sparkle Cookies

Put some sparkle in your Easter basket with these Key Lime Sparkle Cookies. These beautiful, buttery sugar cookies are sweet and tart — just like their namesake pie. Topped with a white glaze and sprinkled with sparkly sugar, they look like they’re part of the decorations.

17. Chocolate Not-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate Not-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

One bite of these Chocolate Not-Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is all it takes for you to be hooked for life. It’s no secret that chocolate and peanut butter belong together. Forever. This recipe perfectly replicates those oh-so-delicious peanut butter cups. Try changing up the flavors by using different nut butters and be sure to top with freeze-dried fruit to make them colorful for Easter.

18. Raw White Chocolate Cheesecake

White Chocolate Cheesecake

Cacao butter is the star ingredient of this decadent Raw White Chocolate Cheesecake. The melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate filling of this raw cheesecake sits atop a nutty vanilla crust. A garnish of defrosted raspberries pairs beautifully with the rich flavors, but cacao nibs, shredded coconut, and lemon zest are other wonderful options for toppings.

19. Walnut Carrot Cake with a Maple Cashew Frosting

Walnut Carrot Cake With a Maple-Cashew Frosting

Bunnies aren’t the only ones who love carrots — we love them, too, especially in cake. This Walnut Carrot Cake with a Maple Cashew Frosting is the best you’ll ever have. Walnuts and flaked coconuts are folded into the spelt flour batter to create a unique texture and flavor. It’s then topped with a rich and creamy frosting and a sprinkle of raw walnuts and crunchy cacao nibs. This is the perfect cake to bring to an Easter dinner.

20. Chocolate-Covered Mocha Cheesecake

Chocolate-Covered Mocha Cheesecake

You can’t go wrong with this decadent Chocolate-Covered Mocha Cheesecake. A creamy espresso-flavored filling sits atop a pecan-date crust. The top of the cake is coated in a thick layer of rich dark chocolate then covered with plenty of chocolate chips. This is a cake you can prepare days before and just keep it in the freezer until you’re ready for Easter dessert.

21. Raw Raspberry Cheesecake With a Chocolate Crust

Raw Raspberry Cheesecake With a Chocolate Crust

This Raw Raspberry Cheesecake with a Chocolate Crust is pretty in pink. You’ll marvel at this wonderful balance of dark chocolate and fresh fruit. The mousse-like cheesecake filling hides fresh raspberries within, providing vibrant pops of sweet and tart flavors. Easter is the perfect occasion to make this luscious berry cake with a delicious chocolate crust — but it’s also perfect for any time.

22. Mini Strawberry Tartlets With a Lemon Rose Custard Cream

25 Vegan Easter Treats That Will Have You Hoppin’ With Joy

These Mini Strawberry Tartlets with a Lemon Rose Custard Cream will have you in awe of how beautifully the flavors of strawberry, lemon, and rose complement each other. You’ll want to savor the flavor of these refreshing fruit tarts with a cup of chamomile tea. This simple dessert brings the classic pairing of strawberries and cream to a whole new wow-factor.

23. Raw Coconut and Raspberry Bars With a Chocolate Drizzle

Raw Coconut and Raspberry Bars

These Raw Coconut and Raspberry Bars with a Chocolate Drizzle are colorful, decadent and delicious. The bottom layer of coconut and maple syrup is topped with a layer of colorful  raspberries which give it a sharp and zesty taste that’s not too overpowering. Finally, it’s all topped with dark chocolate and rose petals, just perfect for springtime.

24. Pomegranate Coconut Panna Cotta with a Chocolate Balsamic Reduction

Pomegranate Coconut Panna Cotta With a Chocolate Balsamic Reduction

Impress your guests with this Pomegranate Coconut Panna Cotta with a Chocolate Balsamic Reduction. A layer of fresh pomegranate seeds rests on a layer of chocolate balsamic reduction and creamy coconut panna cotta. These little puddings have so many contrasting flavors going on, from the tart seeds to the rich balsamic reduction — and they look adorable served in little jars.

25. Classic No-Bake Coconut Lemon Tart

Classic No-Bake Coconut Lemon Tart

This No-Bake Coconut Lemon Tart is a classic and beautiful dessert that’s so easy to whip up. The date and nut crust is topped with a bright lemony coconut cream for a delicious combination of textures and flavors. This tart will impress all your friends.

These fun and colorful Easter treats are dairy-free and delicious. They will put a hop in your step and a shake in your cottontail.

Lead image source: Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle Eggs