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How many recipes can you actually make from tofu? The answer is practically endless! You can make it into the most delicious dinner recipes such as burgers, crumble it for a meaty texture in your pasta, make your beloved tofu scramble different ways, or use a silken version to make moist creamy desserts. That’s why we’ve made the ultimate guide for you on tofu recipes, all brought to you from the Food Monster App!

1. The Secret to Making the Crispiest Tofu for All Your DishesVegan Crispy Tofu Nuggets with dipping sauce

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I get my tofu so crispy. No, you don’t have to deep-fry it to get it that way. You actually don’t have to fry the tofu at all though I do love it that way. Nothing makes me happier than biting into a piece of tofu with a beautiful golden-brown crispy coating and hearing that distinctive “crunch” that says it’s perfectly cooked. Even as a kid, I preferred crispy, crunchy foods.

Keep your ice cream, I wanted chips. Here’s The Secret to Making the Crispiest Tofu for All Your Dishes!

2. 15 Tofu Dessert Recipes That Will Steal The SpotlightVegan Tofu Cheesecake with Purple Yams

Tofu is often thought of as a protein in savory dishes, but have you ever considered adding it to an indulgent dessert? Now is the time to try it, because not only does it add a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture to sweet dishes, but even in a dessert, it’s still packed with protein! Take a look at these 15 Tofu Dessert Recipes That Will Steal The Spotlight!

3. 15 Unique Recipes That Prove Tofu Isn’t Boring

Tofu may not seem like the most exciting food. But, when you wrap it in a blanket of flavors or mix it around with other creative ingredients, suddenly you’ll have a dish you maybe never would have thought of! That’s exactly what we want to bring you today, with 15 different ways you can use tofu – whether it’s for dessert, to make cheeses, or to make your perfect weekend breakfast!

Be sure to download our Food Monster App, where you can find all of these 15 Unique Recipes That Prove Tofu Isn’t Boring!

4. Perfect Your Tofu With These 15 Crispy Tofu RecipesCrispy Buffalo Tofu Bites

Tofu in itself is not that exciting, but once you learn how to treat this protein, there are no limits to what you can use it for. We’re sharing our crispiest and tastiest tofu recipes with you from the Food Monster App so that you can enjoy this ingredient even more! Learn how to Perfect Your Tofu With These 15 Crispy Tofu Recipes!

5. 15 Cheesy Potato, Tofu Ricotta, and More Dairy-Free Ravioli Recipes to Try!

Get ready to dig into a big dish of pasta because March 20th is National Ravioli Day! Ravioli might be synonymous with that ground-meat stuff that comes from a can, but it has been around for a long time. The earliest known ravioli come from 14th-century Italy and are credited to Francesco di Marco Datini, a merchant from Prato. In 14th-century Venice, one manuscript described pasta stuffed with blanched, minced herbs, egg, and cheese.

It didn’t take long before ravioli became popular in other countries, too. Here’s 15 Cheesy Potato, Tofu Ricotta, and More Dairy-Free Ravioli Recipes to Try!

6. Tofu and Phytoestrogens: What You Need to KnowVegan Ginger Garlic Tofu Curry in sauce with garnish

As far as plant-based staples go, few foods are as prominent as tofu. Versatile and packed with protein, it offers a tasty alternative to meat dishes. We use it in stewsburgersbreakfast dishessauces, and even desserts, thanks to its ability to take on any flavor profile we wish to give it. Tofu and Phytoestrogens: What You Need to Know about it!

7. 7-Step Guide to Making the Best Tofu Scrambles

Ah, I can still remember the day I had my first tofu scramble. I had recently become vegan and I was still missing eggs so I wanted to learn how to make the best tofu scrambles. I had read that tofu was a good substitute for scrambled eggs, but I wasn’t a fan of tofu yet (boy, did that ever change!). Unsure of how to make a good tofu scramble, I went to a vegan restaurant to see how it was supposed to be done.

I can still remember hesitantly lifting that first forkful of yellow tofu to my lips, not sure what it was going to taste like and…it was delicious. Wide-eyed and mouth full, I said to my husband, “This tastes a lot like scrambled eggs!” Here’s your 7-Step Guide to Making the Best Tofu Scrambles.

8. 6 Cooking Tips That Will Make You Love TofuMake Your Own Vegan Chinese Dishes at Home

All vegans must love tofu or they can’t be in the club. Just kidding! When you eat a plant-based diet, there is an endless number of foods to enjoy besides tofu. However, tofu is delicious, versatile and packed with protein. For some people though, tofu might take some getting used to.

With the right tofu cooking tips, you can learn how to prepare it, cook it and make it tantalizing. If you and tofu don’t have a happy relationship but you’re willing to try to make it work between you, these tips for cooking tofu might help you like…or even love this delicious protein! Check out these 6 Cooking Tips That Will Make You Love Tofu!

9. How to Liven Up Your Dairy-Free Entrées and Desserts With Tofu RicottaTangy Tofu Ricotta

Whether you’re looking to add more protein to your plant-based dishes or trying to find a way to replace dairy, you’ll find that tofu is a highly versatile ingredient.

If you only just switched to a plant-based diet or still aren’t sure how to cook with tofu after years of cooking, you may think of tofu as something that only crops up as a subpar meat imitation in savory dishes, or believes it to be a bland, flavorless food. In this case, you haven’t cooked it correctly, when in fact you can bake, fry, roast, sauté, or prepare it in dozens of other ways. Here’s all you need to know about How to Liven Up Your Dairy-Free Entrées and Desserts With Tofu Ricotta!

10. 10 Saucy and Flavorful Ways to Cook TofuKorean-Style Spicy Tofu and Sesame Cucumbers [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Tofu and I have a special relationship. In the time of a year or so, I went from someone who demanded no tofu ever touch my plate to someone who has to exert some control so I don’t eat tofu every single day. Having learned all the right and wrong ways to cook with it, I like to think of myself as somewhat of a tofu expert. Check out 7 Tips to Make the Perfect Tofu Dish6 Tips that Will Make You Love Tofu10 Easy Tips to Troubleshoot Tofu Recipes and Tofu: How to Avoid 5 Common Cooking Mistakes for some of my quick tofu tutorials. You really don’t want to miss 10 Saucy and Flavorful Ways to Cook Tofu!

11. Don’t Know How to Cook Flavorful Tofu? These 5 Recipes Will Help You Master It!Curried Tofu

For many people, tofu is a controversial ingredient. While it has its hardcore fans, its detractors claim that it’s a bland, flavorless, and boring food. If you find yourself nodding along, you might not be cooking your tofu the right way — because when prepared correctly, tofu is one of our favorite ingredients! Don’t Know How to Cook Flavorful Tofu? These 5 Recipes Will Help You Master It!

12. How to Make Epic Vegan BBQ Tofu Wings

Before I became vegan, my dream job was to be a Buffalo and BBQ wing reviewer. My plan was to travel the world and taste every single wing that existed and review them all in a Zagat-type guide. If I was ever in a restaurant that had appetizers, I would have to order the wings. Many people talk about how they could never “live without cheese” but for me, it was chicken I thought I couldn’t live without, especially Buffalo and BBQ wings.

Then I learned the truth about where my food came from and changed the way I ate and lived. It turns out I can not only live without chicken but I don’t have to live without Buffalo and BBQ wings. It’s easy to make your own vegan wings at home using tofu, and even Buffalo Tofu Fries. There are several ways to make the wings and then the ways to coat them is endless. Here’s How to Make Epic Vegan BBQ Tofu Wings at home!

13. 6 Fantastic Marinades for Tofu That Will Make Your Taste Buds DanceVegan Gluten-FreePersian Style Potato Pancakes

Tofu is an excellent source of protein, and it can be incorporated into a myriad of different recipes from enchiladas and un-meat loaves, to breakfast hash and lunch wraps. Silken tofu is easy to blend into dressings, sauces, and smoothies, while firm tofu can be used as mock meat and in Shish kabobs. While the color and taste of tofu is pretty bland right out of the package, it doesn’t take much to spruce things up enough for incorporation into a tasty and satisfying meal. A little salt, pepper, and soy sauce rubbed into tofu before baking or frying it makes for a great stir-fry meal. Check out these 6 Fantastic Marinades for Tofu That Will Make Your Taste Buds Dance!

14. 8 Reasons You Hate Tofu and How to Change That

I don’t think there is a food in existence that can make people passionately argue, shake with fear or turn their stomachs so much as tofu. There are people who don’t just dislike tofu, they absolutely HATE it. The funny thing is that I used to be one of those people. Well, kind of…having lived in a world where I didn’t even know one vegetarian (really, I didn’t), I never had the opportunity to try tofu. I didn’t even know what it was. That is until decades into my life when I ordered a mixed vegetable dish from a Chinese restaurant and there were these little white cubes in my dish that tasted like sponge. It was bean curd. I still didn’t know that bean curd was tofu; I just knew I didn’t want it in my food. Every time I ordered Chinese food, I specifically told them to leave the curd at the curb.

When I went veg, however, it seemed that tofu and I were going to have to make nice. It took me over a year to learn to like tofu and longer than that to learn to cook it properly. Today, I love tofu. Like chicken used to be for me, tofu is now the food I can’t imagine living without. For a food that has existed for centuries, tofu is still so misunderstood. Let’s take a look at the reasons people think they hate tofu and how to change their minds. Take a look at these 8 Reasons You Hate Tofu and How to Change That.

15. 12 Ways to Take Tofu From Hum Drum to Hey-O!12 Ways to Take Tofu From Hum Drum to Hey-O!

Tofu is one of those amazing food items that is enjoyed by many, but not for its taste. Let’s face it, alone, kind of tastes like nothing. Ready to take on the flavors of whatever spice mixtures we can dream up, it’s a blank slate just waiting to be made into a masterpiece. For those of us whose culinary skills are more akin to drawing stick figures than cooking the equivalent of the Sistine Chapel’s roof, a few art lessons might be in order when working with this stuff! Here are 12 Ways to Take Tofu From Hum Drum to Hey-O!

Really diggin’ that plant-based protein? Check out these 15 High-Protein Smoothie Recipes!

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