In life, there are decisions that we all must make on a daily basis. Tofu or tempeh, waffles or pancakes, and what to put on your spaghetti. While there are die-hard red sauce fans (and trust us, we support you) we want to share how to make a white sauce for all of your creamy and cheesy needs! Our bloggers share how to master white sauce with these tips and tricks. Make your pasta dishes creamy and dreamy tonight. All of these recipes can also be found on our app, Food Monster!

1. Using Non-Dairy Milk Vegan Simple Bechamel Sauce

Using non-dairy milk is an essential part of mastering your own creamy white sauce at home. It serves incredibly well as a base for many creamy sauces. Cashew and almond milk are great choices here. Rene Barker shares how to make a classic, but a necessary recipe to have in your cooking repertoire; Simple Bechamel Sauce. This buttery, milky sauce is a straight up traditional white sauce. The perfect base sauce for any pasta dish and one staple recipe that should be in everyone’s back pocket. Only a few ingredients needed to make this sauce, all of which you probably already have in your kitchen!


2. Using Cashews
Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Cashews are incredibly easy to use. They’re creamy, easily blendable, and creates a sauce in no time. Its delicate nutty flavor makes for an excellent choice for when it comes to adding different spices. It’s a full-bodied ingredient that makes pasta dishes incredible satisfying. This delicious Cashew Alfredo Sauce is a must-have for all types of pasta dishes. Ilene Godofsky shows you how easy it is to make, but it’s oh-so-satisfying. It’s incredibly rich and creamy- you absolutely won’t miss the dairy! The best part is (besides the taste) that it’s incredibly easy to make. Cashews, garlic, and nutritional yeast lend to this recipe’s creaminess and cheesiness. Delicious. This Lasagna also uses a cashew bechamel for a classic flavor! When you soak nuts, you break down its enzymes and absorb its nutrients. Once blended and strained through a nut milk bag, you have an awesome starter to a variety of sauces. This Creamy Mozzarella Cheese Sauce recipe by Talida Voinea show you how it’s done. Made from cashews, this thick, creamy cheese sauce is perfect wherever you would normally use mozzarella. Dollop it over pizza, stuff it into calzones, add it to baked ziti, or add it between layers of lasagna.

3. Using Coconut
Vegan Homemade Coconut Sour Cream

Coconut makes for an amazing base for creamy white sauces. It’s full-bodied texture and richness adds to any cooking. Full-fat coconut milk along is a great way to make any recipe more decadent. You can chill coconut milk in the fridge to separate it and make a Sour Cream, just like Rhea Parsons. It’s incredibly easy and gratifying to make this at home! You can even whip up a unique Coconut Cream Pasta. The coconut white sauce in this recipe is savory and delicious, infused with herbs like tarragon, rosemary, and thyme. This is a great way to take your white sauce to the next level. Try combining different herbs and see what sauce you can create!

4. Using Silken Tofu For A High-Protein Option
Vegan High-Protein Creamy Tofu and Avocado Pasta

Yes, you can even blend tofu up for a quick and fuss-free white sauce option. The creamy sauce this Pasta by Caroline Doucet is made of avocado blended with tofu, garlic, basil and lemon juice for a high-protein choice. If you want even more protein, you can always add roasted chickpeas. Relive childhood and comfort food with a tofu version of a Creamy Alfredo Sauce. When combined with cashews, garlic, non-dairy milk, and salt, tofu can be turned into a creamy alfredo sauce that’s perfect for pasta. Unlike firmer tofu, silken tofu blends up very well without a grainy texture. That means this sauce is silky and delicious as the dairy version.

Get Creative and Add Other Ingredients To Your White Sauce!
Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Gnocchi

Now that you have the bases, you know what’s a perfect ingredient to add to your white sauce? Mushrooms. Liz Martone shows you how delicious it can be in her Mushroom Stroganoff Gnocchi. Our mouths are watering already! The pillow-y pockets of potato are tossed in a rich, creamy stroganoff-inspired sauce, made from a mix of white wine, mushrooms, tomato paste, and cashew cream. The flavors simmer and meld together in the most beautiful and luscious way! This Creamy 3-Cheese Lasagna incorporates spinach and mushrooms to balance the velvety cheese sauce.


Get in the kitchen and get to making your own creamy white sauce at home! While you’re at it, you should check out our list of 15 Pasta Recipes From Around The World for some global inspiration. We also highly recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 10,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to ten new recipes per day. Check it out!

Lead Image Source: Cashew Alfredo Sauce