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It’s always a good idea to drink and eat plant-based foods that will boost your immunity. You want to be strong to prevent sickness and stay as healthy as possible. During this scary time especially with a deadly, infectious virus going around, many of us want to decrease the likelihood of getting sick. Even a cold at this time could be extremely scary for someone given the state of the world. That’s why we put together 15 healthy, immunity boosting juice recipes for you to try!

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1. Immune Boosting Lemon and Greens Juice

Immune Boosting Lemon and Greens Juice

Source: Immune Boosting Lemon and Greens Juice

This health tonic is a combination of several alkalizing and refreshing plants that will give your immune system a natural boost. The greens are packed with chlorophyll to promote healthy red blood cells while the lemon and ginger are immunity powerhouses that keep you healthy year-round. The green apple is a low glycemic sweetener to keep your blood sugar levels at bay while enjoying this beautifying, cleansing and energizing juice. The health and beauty benefits are bountiful and the taste is a perfect combination of sweet, smooth and tangy. The ginger in this drink gives it quite a kick, too! Try this Immune Boosting Lemon and Greens Juice by Nikki and Zuzana.

2. Antioxidant Rich Kiwi Juice

Antioxidant Rich Kiwi Juice

Source: Antioxidant Rich Kiwi Juice

Drink this flavorsome green Antioxidant Rich Kiwi Juice by Olivia Budgen and flood your body with antioxidants to heal and nourish your body.

3. Morning Coffee Juice

Morning Coffee Juice

Source: Morning Coffee Juice

If you’re looking for something to take the place of your morning coffee, try out this Morning Coffee Juice by Nikki Stokes! It’ll fill you with energy that you’ll need to get through the day!

4. Sweet Broccoli Juice

vegan sweet broccoli juice

Source: Sweet Broccoli Juice

This Sweet Broccoli Juice by Ashley Smyczek is nutritious and delicious juice made from broccoli! You may not have thought that you can drink broccoli in a smoothie, but it is definitely possible! Give this sweet broccoli juice a try.

5. Dandelion Detox Juice

Dandelion Detox Juice

Source: Dandelion Detox Juice

This alkalizing green Dandelion Detox Juice recipe by Claire Ragozzino uses dandelion greens and citrus to Support liver and kidney detoxification. Hydrating romaine and cucumber work to flush out stagnant toxins from the body, while the apple works to boost elimination. Sip this juice on a fresh spring afternoon to assist the body with gentle cleansing alongside a healthy, clean meal.

6. Alkaline Green Juice

Alkaline Green Juice

Source: Alkaline Green Juice

Drink this Alkaline Green Juice by Olivia Budgen to increase your vegetable intake and help your body maintain an alkaline environment for optimal health and wellbeing.

7. Fresh Apple Cinnamon Juice

Fresh Apple Cinnamon Juice

Source: Fresh Apple Cinnamon Juice

This Fresh Apple Cinnamon Juice by Molly Patrick is comforting, healthy, and tasty. It’s great for keeping you healthy (or helping you get healthy) during cold season, but is also perfect any time and any occasion. This refreshing beverage is made with apples, cucumber, cinnamon, and ginger. Try making this apple cinnamon juice––it’s amazing!

8. Spicy Carrot Clementine Juice

Spicy Carrot Clementine Juice

Source: Spicy Carrot Clementine Juice

This Spicy Carrot Clementine Juice by Claire Ragozzino is a vitamin C boosting root juice with lots of fresh ginger and turmeric to stimulate circulation and keep your body warm in these colder days. This juice is a great, healthy way to feel cleansed. Turmeric and ginger contain anti-inflammatory properties. Also studies have shown ginger dramatically reduces swelling and joint pain. Other studies have found that gingerol (in ginger) inhibits growth of cancer cells in the body. It also boosts digestion and soothes upset stomachs; approves absorption and assimilation of nutrients; helps to lower high blood pressure and reduce high LDL cholesterol; and contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which is helpful in killing Candida in the body. Try out this Spicy Carrot Clementine Juice––your body will thank you!

9. Good Morning Beet Juice

Good Morning Beet Juice

Source: Good Morning Beet Juice

This Good Morning Beet Juice by Ashley Smyczek may be the brightest juice ever made … Not only does the hot pink really get your moving in the morning but all the great vitamins and minerals from the beets, apples, carrots and strawberries really put a skip in your step!! Regardless of your love of beets, give this juice a try … you may surprise yourself! This apple beet juice is equal parts fruit and veggies so it isn’t overly sweet, but the apples pair so well with the flavor of the earthy beet that even kids will love it!

10. Green Juice With Parsley

Green Juice With Parsley

Source: Green Juice With Parsley

This Green Juice With Parsley by Gabriela Lupu is a simple green juice that tastes awesome and will keep you feeling fresh and healthy.

11. Kiwi Avocado Juice

Kiwi Avocado Juice

Source: Kiwi Avocado Juice

Easy to make, this Kiwi Avocado Juice by Gabriela Lupu could be your morning booster. Gives you energy and keeps you away from the “goodies” from the kitchen when you had a food excess.

12. Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice

Source: Watermelon Juice

This Watermelon Juice by Gabriela Lupu is refreshing and a wonderful way to start the day!

13. Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

Source: Carrot Juice

This Carrot Juice recipe by Nita Ragoonanan requires just a few simple ingredients and allows you to start your day right!

14. Juicy Grapefruit Green Juice

Juicy Grapefruit Green Juice

Source: Juicy Grapefruit Green Juice

This Juicy Grapefruit Green Juice by Sarah and Peter Hagstrom is such a simple and delicious juice!

15. Green Juice Punch

Green juice punch

Source: Green Juice Punch

If you want to shock (and then delight!) all your friends at your next party, this Green Juice Punch recipe by Gretchen Lidicker is for you. Alcohol can deplete your body of magnesium, which is no good! If you have a healthy relationship with alcohol and want to try to replenish your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, then try combining your cocktail with a green juice. You can make juice yourself or you can pick up a green juice from your favorite juice bar. Simply combine it with your favorite vodka, add some ice and cold water, and voila! Make this one in a punch bowl or the biggest pitcher you have.

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home!

Vegan Beet Watermelon Grape Juice

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help with chronic inflammation, heart health, mental wellbeing, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergies, gut health, and more! Unfortunately, dairy consumption also has been linked to many health problems, including acne, hormonal imbalance, cancer, prostate cancer, and has many side effects

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