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Most people are familiar with the classic Black Forest cake and we thought we would help you step your German dessert game up a notch with a few more celebrated cakes. These 12 German cakes are perfect for Valentine’s day, as most are rich with either chocolate, fruit, or both! In all honesty, though, these cakes deserve their own holiday. You’re going to fall in love with food all over again when you try these vegan cake recipes from our Food Monster App.

1. Black Forest CakeCelebrate Chocolate and Cherry With 5 Different Ways to Make Black Forest Cake


This Black Forest Cake is made of whole grains and can be made sugar-free. It’s much more nutritious than the original version, filled with refined sugar, butter, and white flour. Just one slice contains almost a half of the daily recommended intake of fiber and around 25 percent of your iron, magnesium, and phosphorus needs per day! The cake is also a source of high-quality carbohydrates and healthy fats from the avocado and chia seeds, as well as a surprisingly high amount of protein. You can even eat a slice for breakfast and feel good about it. And the best part? It doesn’t taste healthy at all!

2. German Plum CakeVegan German Plum Cake

Get festive with this beautifully presented German Plum Cake! Sweet and moist, you can either serve it with finely shredded dried coconuts or powdered sugar.

3. Black Forest Chocolate Mousse Cake 

Chocolate and cherry … quite possibly the best combination on earth. This Black Forest Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe may not include the alcohol-soaked cherries and Kirschwasser of a true Black Forest cake, but it’s definitely not lacking in flavor. Some might say that chocolate mousse is not a component of a true Black Forest cake, but it should be! This combination of chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, cherries, and coconut whipped cream is going to win you over — we promise.

4. Raw Triple-Layer German Chocolate Cake Triple-Layer German Chocolate Cake [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

This rich Raw Triple-Layer German Chocolate Cake is perfect for a crowd! Plus it’s raw, grain-free, AND soy-free so everyone in the family can get a slice of this beautiful and decadent cake!

5. Black Forest Mini Cake Black Forest Mini Cake ‘Gâteau Forêt Noire’ [Vegan]

Cherries and chocolate? Prepare to be wowed. This Black Forest Mini Cake will be so tempting to devour the whole thing because it is so tiny in size!

6. Nusskuchen: German Hazelnut and Almond Cake With Cherries Nusskuchen: German Coffee Cake With Cherries

Nusskuchen, or nut cake, is a type of cake from Germany where most of the batter consists of ground nuts. In this version, it’s a blend of hazelnuts, almonds, semolina, and regular all-purpose flour. Morello cherries are mixed into the batter, giving each bite of this cake a burst of fruitiness that complements the nutty flavors. This cake is an excellent dessert for any holiday occasion.

7. German Chocolate Cake German Chocolate Cake

Hello, chocolate! A rich German Chocolate Cake is covered with a rich chocolatey frosting and then topped with a nutty coconut layer. This gorgeous dessert is the ultimate cake and is sure to be a hit with anyone you share it with!

8. German Poppy Seed Cake German Poppy seed cake with crust

This German Poppy Seed Cake is perfect for coffee or an after-dinner sweet. The cake itself is dense and moist and there is a layer of sweet poppy seed compote spread in the middle of it which give it a little extra sweetness. Plus, this cake is easy to make so you can whip it up in a pinch.

9. Apfelkuchen: German Apple CakeVegan Gluten-Free Apfelkuchen: German Apple Cake in squares stacked

There’s no better way to celebrate the season than with an apple and cinnamon dessert! Apfelkuchen is a German apple cake similar in flavor to an apple pie. The layers of sliced apple are topped with an indulgent, crispy and crumbly coating.

10. Raw German Chocolate Cake 

German chocolate cake is always a decadent experience: chocolate cake layered with rich, creamy coconut-pecan frosting. This Raw German Chocolate Cake is a healthier version of this classic American dessert. The crust is made from oats and dates while the rich, creamy frosting is made from coconut meat, shredded coconut, and gooey dates. It is super simple to make, gluten-free, grain-free, and oil-free, too! It takes around 20-25 minutes to make from start to finish — there’s just nothing better than an easy dessert.

11. German Apple Cake With Candied Almond ToppingVegan German Apple Cake With Candied Almond Topping top view

While apfelkuchen is literally translated apple cake, you will find the term used to refer to a number of German desserts, some resembling more of a pie or crumble while others more closely fit what we think of as a cake. Either way, they are all delicious and perfect for fall! This German Apple Cake With Candied Almond Topping is unusual in that it has a staggered baking process. The first step ensures that the apples have enough time to dry out before they get covered with the almond topping. It also prevents the almonds from browning too much before the cake underneath is cooked.

12. German Chocolate Cheesecake Vegan German Chocolate Cheesecake with coconut and chocolate drizzle

Many people are confused as to just what German chocolate is, and are surprised to find out it is merely coconut, caramel, and pecan topping (or filling for a cake). This German Chocolate Cheesecake is a super chocolate-y and creamy dessert piled with coconut pecan German chocolate topping.


Vegan German Apple Cake With Candied Almond Topping side view

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Lead image source: German Chocolate Cake