December 8th is a day dedicated to one of our favorite treats – brownies. Rich, fudgy, chocolatey brownies. This dessert that is a cross between a cookie and a cake is definitely something to celebrate.

There are many stories about the creation of brownies. One says that a chef accidentally put melted chocolate into biscuit dough, a second says a cook forgot to add flour to a batter, and a third says brownies were the result of a chocolate cake that didn’t rise due to a lack of baking powder. Whatever the true story is, we’re just glad that someone had the happy accident that led to the invention of brownies.


There are many ways to make brownies. The traditional recipe consists of butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and flour.

The classic brownie consists of only butter, sugar, chocolate, eggs, and flour. Unsweetened chocolate is normally used, so more sugar is required to balance the bitterness. Fudgier brownies have less flour and no baking powder. Brownies that are more cake-like have less butter and more flour. Then there are blondies which are brownies made with brown sugar and no chocolate.

Of course, we make brownies without any eggs or dairy at all. We have recipes for brownies that are raw, no-bake, gluten-free, completely flourless or made with superfoods. Take a look at these 10 Easy Vegan Brownie Recipes. Then pour yourself a tall glass of non-dairy milk and stroll through these 15 decadent, ooey-gooey brownie recipes.

1. Buckeye Brownies

Buckeye Brownies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Buckeye Brownies are out of this world delicious. You can’t go wrong with peanut butter and dark chocolate, but these brownies are especially rich, decadent, and luscious. Plus, they’re gluten-free so anyone can indulge!


2. 5 Ingredient Raw Mini Walnut Brownies

5 Ingredient Raw Mini Walnut Brownies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Raw Mini Walnut Brownies are to die for, and it only takes about five minutes and five ingredients to make them. Just blend everything, put the mix in a mold, refrigerate and that’s it. You’ll be ready to enjoy them in no time at all.

3. Hidden Ingredient Tiramisu Protein Blondies

Hidden-Ingredient Tiramisu Protein Blondies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

You can have coffee with your brownies or have your coffee in your brownies instead. These Hidden-Ingredient Tiramisu Protein Blondies are made with no refined sugar and are reminiscent of tiramisu. They have a soft, coffee base, cookie crumble topping with melted chocolate, and a light dusting of cacao that’s simply heaven.


4. 7 Ingredient Pecan Coconut Brownies

7 Ingredient Pecan Coconut Brownies [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]You’re only seven ingredients away from indulging in these Pecan Coconut Brownies. They are gooey, decadent and so good. They have no flour – just coconut, nuts, dates, and warm spices so you can feel good about digging in.

5. Easiest-Ever, Ultra-Decadent Raw Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Easiest-Ever, Ultra-Decadent Raw Chocolate Walnut Brownies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These Easiest-Ever, Ultra-Decadent Raw Chocolate Walnut Brownies are so easy and so delicious, you should make a double batch. Filled with nuts, dates and cacao powder, these brownies are also good for you. The chocolate topping adds another layer of goodness that makes you so thankful cacao is healthy and that you can eat this brownie without any guilt.


6. Nutty Maple Chai Oat Blondies

Nutty Maple Chai Oat Blondies [Vegan]

These hearty Nutty Maple Chai Oat Blondies are full of oats and three (yes, three!) different types of nuts – almonds, pecans, and buttery macadamias. Add a little cinnamon and allspice, and you’ve got yourself a fall dessert that’s packed with chai deliciousness!

7. Adzuki Fudge Brownies with Goji Brownies

Adzuki Fudge Brownies With Goji Berries [Vegan]

You wouldn’t believe that these rich, fudgy Adzuki Fudge Brownies are both vegan and flourless. Fiber-rich adzuki beans and superfood goji berries come together with other nutritious ingredients such as oats and coconut oil for these delicious, guilt-free, and colorful bites.

8. Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies

Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

The fact that there are black beans in these Black Bean Peanut Butter Brownies will completely dissolve when you sink your pearly whites into them. They taste incredible and will surely please most, if not all, who taste them. They’ll be chocolate peanut butter brownies to them, and a nutritious, wholesome treat to you. We’ll keep your secret!

9. Banana Oreo Blondies

Banana Oreo Blondies [Vegan]

In case you’ve never had blondies, they’re the best of a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie all in one. These Banana Oreo Blondies are no exception. They walk the line between cakey and fudgy with a full, almost nutty, caramelized, butter flavor. The Oreo cookies are crunchy bites on the way to a soft, gushy center.

10. No-Bake Double Chocolate Brownie Bars

No-Bake Double Chocolate Brownie Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Just from the name you can tell these No-Bake Double Chocolate Brownie Bars are little squares of heaven. These decadent squares taste like frozen freezer fudge layered brownies and come with no-guilt-strings attached. This recipe has proved to be one of those that never fails – one you can keep coming back to. Promise.

11. No-Bake Brownie Batter

No Bake Brownie Batter [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

This double chocolate No-Bake Brownie Batter is incredibly indulgent. It’s got that deep, dark, decadent taste, the kind of taste that you expect to get when you bite into a brownie. Of course, this not your regular brownie batter, it’s made with organic black beans and is free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugar.


12. One Bowl Quinoa and Date Sugar Brownies

One-Bowl Quinoa and Date Sugar Brownies [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Did you know you could make brownies with quinoa? You can – and it’s so easy! These One Bowl Quinoa and Date Sugar Brownies are sweetened with date sugar, which gives them a rich, toasty, and caramel-y taste. Healthy never tasted so delicious. Yum!

13. Raw Chili Chocolate Brownies with Fudge Glaze

Raw Chili Chocolate Brownies With Fudge Glaze [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

A touch of chili powder gives these scrumptious Raw Chili Chocolate Brownies quite a kick! The fudge glaze is the only part of the recipe that is not raw, so if you want to keep the brownies fully raw, feel free to omit the glaze. They will still be delicious!

14. Peanut Butter and Nutella Bourbon Blondies

Vegan Peanut Butter and Nutella Bourbon Blondies

The only thing that can make peanut butter brownies better is adding homemade Nutella to the batter. These Peanut Butter and Nutella Bourbon Blondies are so decadent, one bite will transport you straight to brownie heaven!

15. Peppermint Brownies

Peppermint Brownies [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Just in time for the holidays, these Peppermint Brownies are the perfect snack to leave for Santa. These little bundles of joy are raw and gluten-free, so they’re good for you too. The peppermint frosting makes them an extra-special treat.

Yum! These brownies are all so chewy, chocolatey, and delicious; we may need two days to celebrate.

Lead image source: Buckeye Brownies