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15 Decadent Recipes For Dark Chocolate Lovers
15 Decadent Recipes for Dark Chocolate Lovers

Who can resist the rich, velvety, deep, sweet, and slightly bitter taste of really good chocolate? But not just any chocolate – dark chocolate. Just saying the words “dark chocolate” elicits a feeling of decadence and luxury. Dark chocolate is indulgent. Dark chocolate is sexy. Dark chocolate is healthy. What? Yes, dark chocolate is a superfood! That’s why you should check out these 15 Decadent Recipes For Dark Chocolate Lovers.


10 Decadent Dishes for Dark Chocolate Lovers

All good things should be taken in moderation! Choose dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 65 percent or higher but of course, eat it in moderation because it still has significant calories (up to 450 calories for 3 ounces). For those times you do indulge, see Creative Ways to Put Dark Chocolate to Good Use and 10 Divine Ways to Create Delicious Dark Chocolate Desserts. You can even learn to make your own Homemade Dark Chocolate Chunks. Then get ready to celebrate all things chocolate with these 10 Decadent Dishes For Dark Chocolate Lovers.

20 Dark and Decadent Chocolate Cake Recipes

It’s no surprise that chocolate is the most popular kind of cake; it’s chocolate. But it’s not that simple; there are many kinds of chocolate cake including Devil’s Food, Black Forest, Fudge, Ganache, German Chocolate, Lava and even flourless. We bring to you 20 Dark and Decadent Chocolate Recipes. Yum!

15 Sinfully Decadent Chocolate Cake Recipes

If any two words can bring a smile to one’s face, it must be “chocolate cake.” There are so many delicious types of cake and so many ways to serve it. But it’s not even that simple, because there are so many kinds of chocolate cake, including Black Forest, German, ganache, lava, and most popular of all, devil’s food cake. Excited? Here are 15 Sinfully Decadent Chocolate Cake Recipes.

Join The Dark Side: Dark Chocolate Bark Recipes You Must Try

Chocolate is amazing, that’s why there are so many days celebrating it. It’s an ancient food that has been utilized for centuries, and is revered for its health benefits and versatility. That’s right! For example, it’s incredibly easy to make chocolate bark! Intrigued? Learn more about Making Your Own Chocolate Bark!


Use These Ingredients to Make Your Best Vegan Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a great pick-me-up when the weather is chilly. We have all of the recipes you need for vegan whipped cream and your accompanying breakfasts on the Food Monster App, but these 15 products are great for a quick, home-delivered treat!

Interesting Chocolate Cake Recipes Featuring Ingredients From Zucchini to Beets

There are so many different ingredients you can add to your chocolate cake recipes from chocolate and strawberry, to chocolate and peanut butter, to chocolate and cauliflower. Keep things interesting with your desserts by checking out these recipes with unique ingredients! Yes, From Zucchini To Beets, Here Are Some Unique Chocolate Cake Recipes!

15 Bittersweet Chocolate Recipes With a Twist!

Adding interesting ingredients like nuts, seeds, and fruit puts a unique spin on your typical chocolate dessert recipes. Have you heard of dark chocolate cherry hummus? You’re about to! Here are 15 Bittersweet Chocolate Recipes With A Twist.

Celebrate Chocolate With These Recipes!

When you’re trying to cheer yourself up, what are some of the first things that you reach for? Is it a warm hug, or a nice walk outside? Do you look at pictures of puppies, kittens and other adorable animals? Do you dig into your favorite comfort foods? All of those things are awesome of course, but we here at One Green Planet has a soft spot for chocolate (and that soft spot is our stomachs.) Chocolate Covered Treats Are Simply Amazing. 


15 Decadent, Chocolatey Vegan Desserts With Hidden Veggies

In ancient times, cocoa beans were used as a source of currency because they were worshiped and attributed to different gods in Aztec society.  Today, most countries have paper and/or coined money but, in the United States, people spend $16 billion on chocolate annually. That money gets you about 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate… And we know JUST what you should do with it this Saturday for national chocolate day – use fall vegetables to enhance your chocolate recipes. Who knew vegetables could actually make an already rich thing richer? Check out these 15 Decadent, Chocolatey Vegan Desserts With Hidden Veggies.

Chocolate is amazing and it should be celebrated. Check out our chocolate cheesecake archives! Chocolate lovers unite! Unite right on the Food Monster App, where you can find tons of recipes to satisfy your cravings. We have over 10,000 recipes so trust us; you won’t run out of ideas. It’s available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. Full of allergy-friendly recipes, subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

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