A warm, comforting masala is a perfect dinner idea that will have you looking forward to it all day! Full of awesome ingredients and amazing spices, the flavor and satisfying nature of a good masala will be life-changing. Don’t believe us? We can prove it with these 15 masala recipes that you can find on our Food Monster App!

1. Mushroom Butter Masala

Mushroom Butter Masala

Image Source: Mushroom Butter Masala


If you’ve been to an Indian restaurant, chances are you’ve seen butter masala on the menu. It’s a rich and delicious gravy curry with a sauce made creamy through the addition of milk or cream and butter. This vegan Mushroom Butter Masala from Kushi is a spicy, creamy and a delicious dish that is the perfect accompaniment for steamed rice, flatbread, or even dosas.

2. 30-Minute Chana Masala

30-Minute Chana Masala [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: 30-Minute Chana Masala

Chana masala is a hearty mixture of stewed chickpeas and a nuanced blend of spices and the coconut cream makes it rich, decadent, and delicious. This 30-Minute Chana Masala from Holly Jade is a great dish to serve before a party as a dip or to put over rice for the main course.

3. Masala Oatmeal

Masala Oatmeal [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Masala Oatmeal


Savory oatmeal perfect for brunch! This Masala Oatmeal from Gunjan Dudani is such a cool recipe to share! It’s warming, spicy, and so hearty!

4. Tempeh Tikka Masala

Image Source: Tempeh Tikka Masala


This Tempeh Tikka Masala from Brittany Mullins will leave you with all the comfort feels minus all the heavy feels. Make this delicious Indian dinner right in your own home.

5. Ayurvedic Garam Masala

Ayurvedic Garam Masala [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Ayurvedic Garam Masala


You cannot imagine any Indian cooking without the “quintessential” garam masala! The secret to the popularity of Indian curries lies in the blend of spices that imparts the unforgettable zing to your taste buds, so make some of this Ayurvedic Garam Masala from Akshata Sheelvant.

6. Masala Lentils (Sabut Masoor)

Masala Lentils (Sabut Masoor) [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Masala Lentils (Sabut Masoor)

If you want to impress someone with a dal, make it this Masala Lentils (Sabut Masoor) from Richa Hingle. Don’t be afraid of the number of spices—it is quite simple to make. The spices and garlic are blended to a paste and fried in the oil. A hot sauce (chiles, garlic, and vinegar) in the tadka is another secret to getting the right flavor profile. Serve this as a part of a meal, or with rice or naan or other flatbread.

7. Chana Masala

Image Source: Chana Masala

Quick and easy chickpea Chana Masala from Amanda Froelich, served over basmati rice. This spicy, hearty Indian recipe is vegan and gluten free. It makes great leftovers, too! Be sure to prep the ingredients in advance, as the recipe moves quickly.

8. Tikka Masala Tacos

Image Source: Tikka Masala Tacos


Tacos are life and Indian food rules. Put the two together and you’ve got spicy, creamy, magical Tikka Masala Tacos from 30-Minute Vegan Dinners by Megan Sadd. Don’t be put off by the long ingredients list—it’s mostly dry spices and the meal comes together quickly. Use corn tortillas for a deliciously messy street taco experience. Swap the tortillas for heartier flatbread to make a sturdier wrap.

9. Mushroom Mutter Masala: Indian Mushroom and Green Peas

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Image Source: Mushroom Mutter Masala: Indian Mushroom and Green Peas

A flavorful super easy mushroom recipe that is done in under 30 minutes. This Mushroom Mutter Masala: Indian Mushroom and Green Peas from Rinku Bhattacharya is great as a main dish served with rice, but can also make a delicious side.

10. Onion and Pepper Masala

Image Source: Onion and Pepper Masala

Bursting with flavor, this Onion and Pepper Masala from Kushi is a delicious and complex-tasting addition to any bowl of plain, white rice. It is spicy and savory, with layers of herbs and spices bringing out the best of the flavors of the vegetables. Use it as a side dish or paired with naan as an appetizer.

11. Golden Roti, Curried Carrot Falafel, and Masala Corn

Image Source: Golden Roti, Curried Carrot Falafel, and Masala Corn

This delicious fusion of veggies and spices will satisfy every craving you have. The curried carrot falafel and masala corn pairs perfectly with perfectly warm golden roti. What more can you ask for?! Whip up this Golden Roti, Curried Carrot Falafel, and Masala Corn from Harriet Porterfield!

12. Chana Masala

Image Source: Chana Masala

In this tasty dish from India, chickpea provides a nourishing source of protein, while adding wonderful texture. This Chana Masala from Nikki and Zuzana is an adaptation of the traditional recipe, without the use of oils. It’s mildly spicy yet rich in flavour from fresh herbs and a generous dose of fresh ginger. Enjoy on its own, or with cooked quinoa, millet or Basmati rice.

13. Masala Lentil Salad With Cumin Roasted Carrots

Vegan Masala Lentil Salad With Cumin Roasted Carrots

Image Source: Masala Lentil Salad With Cumin Roasted Carrots

In this Masala Lentil Salad With Cumin Roasted Carrots from Power Plates, the garam masala in the dressing brings something truly unique to this salad; the sweet notes of the Indian spice blend are perfectly balanced by the garlic, ginger, and a bright splash of apple cider vinegar. There’s a generous handful of mint added to the dish to contrast with the earthiness of the lentils and roasted carrots. The pomegranate molasses isn’t necessary if you don’t have it on hand, but if you do, it’s a wonderful way to add a sweet-and-sour finish to the dish.

14. Red Lentil Tikka Masala

Red lentil tikka masala

Image Source: Red Lentil Tikka Masala

Everything about this Red Lentil Tikka Masala from Kristen Genton is wonderful. The flavors are on point, the texture on point, the satisfaction on point … everything! Red lentils are cooked in a creamy, spicy sauce that will delight your palate and keep you full. Plus, it cooks in just 30 minutes!

15. Tofu “Meatball” Masala

Vegan Tofu "Meatball" Masala with fresh parsley and fresh ginger

Image Source: Tofu “Meatball” Masala

These balls in masala sauce are a perfect blend of Indian cooking and vegan food, they’re so full of flavor! Try this Tofu “Meatball” Masala from Jacinthe Vigneault.

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