If you’re looking for something new to try, spinach pie is the perfect comfort food and is a great meal to eat during the week. It’s filling, flaky, and delicious, and is such a staple to know how to make. Impress your friends and family this holiday season with these 10 show-stopping recipes!

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1. Savory Tofu and Spinach Pie

Savory Tofu and Spinach Pie

Source: Savory Tofu and Spinach Pie

This Savory Tofu and Spinach Pie by Valentina Chiappa recipe is perfect if you’re looking for something new to try and makes a great meal to eat during the week!

2. Spinach Pie with Homemade Pastry

Spinach Pie with Homemade Pastry

Source: Spinach Pie with Homemade Pastry

This Spinach Pie with Homemade Pastry by Lenia & Dimitra is the perfect comfort food and with homemade pastry to wrap around it, what can be better?

3. Turkish Spinach Pie

Turkish Spinach Pie

Source: Turkish Spinach Pie

This Turkish Spinach Pie by Valentina Chiappa is filling and delicious!

4. Indian Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie

Indian Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie

Source: Indian Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie

Ready for some wholesome Indian comfort food? This Indian Sweet Potato and Spinach Pie by Annabelle Randles is flaky and fragranced with a delicious spice blend. Serve it with raita, a herby vegan yogurt dip that pairs perfectly with the warm flavors of this dish.

5. Spanakopita: Greek Spinach Pie

Spanakopita: Greek Spinach Pie

Source: Spanakopita: Greek Spinach Pie

Spanakopita is one of my all-time favorite things to eat. I wanted to try and create a healthy version of this traditional Greek dish with little to no oil and make it vegan. Removing the feta and olive oil seems somewhat sacrilegious, it’s such a staple of the traditional recipe and Greek cooking! However, you are not even going to miss it with my version of this recipe. I have added much healthier ingredients and it is full of flavor. You will be singing me praise after you make this Spanakopita: Greek Spinach Pie by Jennifer Strohmeyer.

6. M’hencha: Moroccan Spinach and Almond Feta Hand Pies

M’hencha: Moroccan Spinach and Almond Feta Hand Pies

Source: M’hencha: Moroccan Spinach and Almond Feta Hand Pies

M’hencha, Arabic for “coiled like a snake,” are traditional Moroccan pastries that can be made sweet or savory. These M’hencha: Moroccan Spinach and Almond Feta Hand Pies by Emily Wilkinson are stuffed with a Greek-inspired filling of spinach and almond feta and baked until light and flaky on the outside. They’re incredibly easy to make — just be sure to soak the almonds ahead of time — and can be served hot or cold with whatever sides you like.

7. Deep-Dish Spinach Phyllo Pie

Deep-Dish Spinach Phyllo Pie

Source: Deep-Dish Spinach Phyllo Pie 

Even though it takes a little bit of work, the result is worth it. It’s so good! This Deep-Dish Spinach Phyllo Pie recipe by Lisa Dawn Angerame calls for two pounds (907 g) of fresh baby spinach, which looks like a lot but wilts down significantly. It also calls for all of the alliums—onions, garlic, scallions, shallots, leeks, and chives—because they each add their own flavor, lots of dill, mint, and parsley for herby freshness, artichoke hearts for tang, and almond feta for texture.

8. Passover Matzo Pie


Passover Matzo Pie

Source: Passover Matzo Pie

As Passover approaches, everyone is looking for creative ways to use matzo crackers. If you haven’t finalized your Passover dishes, consider including this Passover Matzo Pie by Annessia Maillet & Beth DeCarlo at the table. Delicious layers of matzoh, spinach, garlicky mashed cauliflower, and potato are drizzled with decadent cashew cream. Even if you don’t celebrate Passover, this is a great alternative to lasagna and can even be modified to your liking.

9. Spinach, Leek, and Carrot Quiche

Spinach, Leek, and Carrot Quiche

Source: Spinach, Leek, and Carrot Quiche

This Spinach, Leek, and Carrot Quiche by Valentina Chiappa is very tasty despite only requiring a few simple ingredients. The lattice arrangement of the sautéed leeks along with the bright and beautiful gingery carrots will wow whoever has the honor of sharing this quiche with you. It is an excellent healthy option to bring to picnics and parties.

10. Layered Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Pie

Layered Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Pie

Source: Layered Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Pie

This Layered Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Pie by Becky Cotter consists of a rather simple cannellini bean puree and wilted spinach. The top layer is mushrooms and red onion cooked in stock, thyme, garlic, and balsamic. The combination of flavors is homey and delicious. Perfect for cozy autumn evenings. It is a delicious vegan main course. You might even want to make extra of these mushroom pies because everyone will want to try some! Whether you simply want a fancy-looking dinner or something to make for a holiday, these mushroom pies are sure to impress.

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