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This vegan animal-loving couple wanted to include their favorite things on their special day, so they did their wedding day photoshoot with their favorite rescue sheep. The couple first met working at a farmyard sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, in 2017. They quickly realized how similar their values were and found each other falling in love with not only the rescue animals but each other.

Kelly Dinham and Kyle Behrend met at Edgar’s Mission, a non-profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Australia. The couples live in a home just five minutes from the sanctuary with Kelly’s 13-year-old daughter Isabelle, nine rescue cats, and four rescue dogs. They recently got married and took a photoshoot with some of their favorite rescue sheep, Mr. Invisible and The Doctor.

“Animals mean the world to us,” Kelly said. “Every day I am excited to get up and work and see the animals and their incredible personalities.”

Kelly first started shifting to veganism when her daughter was born.

“I grew up surrounded by cats and dogs, so I have always loved animals. But after I gave birth to my daughter in 2009, I really made the connection with how we treat animals raised for food,” she said.

“I knew I wanted my daughter to love animals. I just started thinking that I couldn’t do that if I was still eating them and using products tested on them.”

Then in 2017, when she moved to Lancefield and started working at Edgar’s Mission, she met the love of her life, Kyle. Kyle is an operations manager for the sanctuary, while Kelly is the content creator.

“People always ask us if we get sick of working together and seeing each other every day. But I think we’re lucky because we love working together and working towards the same vision of trying to make the world a better place,” said Kelly.

So when it came time for their wedding, they knew they wanted to include their favorite furry friends.

“We wanted to share the things most important to us on the day. Of course, part of that was visiting Mr Invisible, The Doctor and some of the other sheep.”

“Thankfully they behaved themselves and came up for a cuddle and photos, before doing their own thing.” The couple’s love of animals doesn’t stop at the sanctuary either, as their home is also densely populated with pets.

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