A North Texas teen is helping raise awareness for climate change. 16-year-old Kashish Bastola is walking from New Orleans to Houston to bring awareness to the gulf coast, NBCDFW reported.

Source: NBCDFW

He’s part of a team to help bring jobs and futures to those struggling in the area. Bastola left New Orleans on May 10 and is walking across the region during June to help a region already seeing the effects of climate change. 

“When I first told my parents about this, they didn’t really believe that I was actually going to go on this journey. I mean, they didn’t think it would actually happen. At first, they were not on board,” said Bastola. “Coming from a working-class background, it’s understandable why this march is so important. My friends and my family, they understand what I’m doing here, and they know it’s really important for me to be here and for my voice to be included in this journey.”

The march is part of the growing Sunrise Movement, which is a youth-led organization encouraging more progress on climate change. Bastola and others will participate in the Generation on Fire March.

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