The NextGen Climate Survey has found 83% of Gen Z youth are concerned about the health of our planet, according to data from Blue Shield of California. This data provides a concerning outlook on the effects of climate change on Gen Z.

Among 1,200 respondents aged 14-24, the majority of respondents shared that their environment affects their physical and mental health. More than half of the youth polled shared they are “very concerned” about the planet running out of resources. The top three environmental issues at the top of mind are air quality, water pollution, and plastic pollution.

“Climate change is very real and there are a lot of environmental disasters happening,” said 22-year-old Justin Valenzuela, co-president of the Ohlone College Sustainability Club and co-founder of Renegade Feedings in the Bay Area. “Most importantly, I know a lot of marginalized communities around the world are facing different ends of climate change, even though they aren’t the contributors. Providing sustainable health care to all, especially marginalized communities that are affected by climate change, seems like the right step.”

One in four said that an environmental event or natural disaster, flood, fires, or hurricanes, for instance, affects their ability to concentrate in school.

Source: Eco-Schools NI/YouTube

Sign this petition to demand that U.S. legislators come together to unanimously support a Green New Deal so that we can finally address the climate crisis.

Read more about climate change activism in One Green Planet. Check out this article about lawsuits brought by youth to stop climate change. Greta Thunberg‘s #FridaysForFuture movement brought out millions to strike against climate change in September 2019. Other young activists from Canada to Alaska are speaking out against governments and the fossil fuel industry.

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