Heart, be still! Hope for Paws’ latest rescue is about a Pit Bull named Hulk. This poor boy had a deep gash on his shoulder but thanks to some compassionate locals, he wouldn’t be in pain for much longer. They made the life-saving call to the Hope for Paws team and Loreta and Eldad were soon on the way to rescue this sweetheart. However, this wasn’t an ordinary rescue by any means … it was on an active railroad.

Thankfully, the local sheriff made a call to alert the railroad’s management – and they even stuck around to assist in the rescue by holding the soccer net up while Eldad and Loreta worked on catching Hulk with the gentle snare. After a little “catch me if you can,” Loreta secured the gentle snare around his neck and his freedom ride was soon in full effect.


At the vet, they learned in addition to Hulk’s large shoulder wound, he also had a broken jaw and fractured teeth. Hulk has had several surgeries and has made a full recovery in his foster home. He is a gentle giant (hence the name Hulk) that deserves only the best.

If you’re interested in showering this handsome boy with kisses for the rest of his days, click here. To make a donation to Hope for Paws, click here.