A busy freeway is no place for a dog, but sadly that is where Tyrion the Pit Bull ended up. This poor, stray pup had been attacked by another dog and was wandering around in shock when he inadvertently ran right onto the ramp leading to one of L.A.’s busiest roadways. Thankfully for this pup, the Hope for Paws team was already on their way to help rescue him from near tragedy.

When the Hope for Paws rescue van arrived on the site, they found a car pulled over on the side of the freeway and two kind people were trying to get Tyrion to come out of harms way and onto the road’s shoulder. Incidentally, these people were both off-duty animal control officers who were more than prepared to help get this pup to safety. With the help of Elidad from Hope for Paws, this amazing team was able to get Tyrion safely into the rescue van and on his way to a better life.

At the vet clinic, the Hope for Paws team learned Tyrion was suffering from an infection due to the wound he sustained and they quickly started him on antibiotics. The first two days were a little rough for Tyrion, but by day three he was up and wagging his tail – clearly happy to be in the care of these kind humans.

Tyrion is now up for adoption at Hope Ranch Animal Sanctuary. To learn more about how to adopt this one-year-old Pittie, click here.