Thor the homeless Pit Bull found himself in a rather dangerous situation when he wandered into a California recycling facility. Scared and hungry with nowhere to go, Thor managed to wedge himself into a giant heap of scrap metal in the recycling plant. When Los Angelos Waste Management employees discovered Thor, they knew that they would need some help getting him to safety, so they called Hope for Paws.

Hope for Paws specializes in rescuing homeless dogs in and around the L.A. area. Coming prepared with treats, leashes, and most importantly a determined attitude and a whole lot of patience, rescuer Eldad Hagar set out to save Thor.

As with most stray dogs, Thor was very wary of humans and tried to run away multiple times. After waiting to gain Thor’s trust, Eldad managed to get the scared pup on a leash and took him back to the Hope for Paws rescue center.

With a good bath and a little love, Thor has turned into a completely different dog! This happy pittie is now looking for a forever home – to learn more, click here.