Finn was a homeless, and living on the railroad tracks when Hope For Paws found him. They could tell he was still a puppy because he still had his baby teeth, and they could also tell he had been traumatized in the past. He was fearful of humans and made every effort he could to let them know he did not want to be touched. But Hope For Paws was patient. They waited. They didn’t run away, but tried to patiently reassure Finn that they meant no harm.

Eventually, he calmed down. And then something magical happened. He decided to trust them. His whole demeanor changed, and he allowed them to touch him, pick him up and carry him. It was such a relief he fell asleep almost immediately. And just as Finn and the workers of Hope For Paws were off the train tracks, suddenly a train whizzes past! If Finn hadn’t been rescued that day, he may very well have been crushed by that train.

But now, Finn’s got a new lead on life! He’s surrounded by good people who will protect him and care for him, and just look at how he’s bounced back! Watch all the way to the end to soak up all the adorbs! Finn is looking for a new home, but we don’t doubt with the help of Bark N’Bitches he’ll find one soon. He’s got those charming good looks and a winning personality. It’s only going to get better for him here on out!