When Maria heard the sound of kittens crying off in the distance, she assumed that a feral cat mother had left her babies in a safe place while out searching for food. Little kittens aren’t exaclty the best asset to have in toe when out hunting for food, so feral mothers will often hide their litter and return with snacks. However, as Maria described on My Modern Met, it was a hot day, more than an hour had passed, and Maria began to worry about the crying kittens.

Going to investigate, Maria discovered not a den of safely tucked away kittens, but rather, a cardboard box with five kittens left alone in the middle of an abandoned lot. The kittens were skinny and infested with fleas as well as panicked from being left in a small space all alone. Maria immediately called her partner, photographer Alex Greenshpun and the two brought the crying babies to the vet to be examined, cleaned, and properly fed. The prognosis from the vet was not promising, kittens left without their mother rarely survive as they require a lot of attention and regular feeding via syringe. The couple were told if the kittens made it past two months then they would thrive.

Taking in these five little darlings, with the intention of nursing them to two months and then putting them up for adoption, Greenshpun quickly made the rag-tag litter the star of her latest photo series.

Five kittens found abandoned and left to fend for themselves in a cardboard box

The kittens come to live with Alex and Maria. If the kittens make it to two months being fed by syringe they can be adopted into a forever home.

The kittens take to Alex quickly and she becomes their adopted mother. Once they switched from syringe feeding to solid food, they still liked to sit and suckle on her fingers.

More than foster kittens, these five became family.

Not just to Alex and Maria…but to their Boxer-Lab as well.

Titto, the kitten, became particularly fond of his new dog/mother.

The kittens grow stronger and become more playful by the day.

Their days are filled with tons of snuggle sessions.

As well as the ever important roaring lesson…

The kittens have also learned how to get into trouble…

They make kitten sandwiches with their siblings.

But luckily, they have a protective mom who lets their shenanigans slide.

After all, who could stay mad at that face!

Making it past the two month marker, the kitties are happy and healthy as ever.

Three of the kitties have already been adopted into loving forever homes.

These little guys have come leaps and bounds since they were first discovered in a box. Thanks to the kindness of Alex and Maria they are all now safe and loved, as kittens should be.


For more photos from Alex Greenshpun, check out her Facebook page and website.

All image source: Alex Greenschpun