We always love sharing Hope for Paws‘ incredible rescue videos, but this might be the most impressive one yet!

Four dogs were abandoned by their owners in the Mojave Desert. With temperatures reaching 105 degrees Fahrenheit and two of the dogs suffering from life-threatening infections, rescuers had to get on their quads and move quickly to give them a chance at survival.

Why anyone would go dump their own pets in the desert rather than a shelter is beyond my ability to comprehend, but all four of them — Sunna, Tanami, Sahara, and Moses — are now safe and awaiting forever homes through Doggy Smiles Rescue.

Grab some popcorn, because at 20 minutes long, this is indeed an epic rescue video. But with a lot of patience and know-how, Hope for Paws was able to round up the doggie quartet and get them to a cooler, comfortable environment and veterinary care they needed. You can see more photos and details from the rescue on Flickr.

Image source: Doggy Smiles Rescue/Facebook