Nothing makes an animal lover’s heart sing more than seeing a previously abused animal living the good life! Saint Vincent went from near death after being found with his mouth duct taped shut inside a trash bag on the side of a highway to a safe, happy, loving foster home. What a difference! Things recently just got even better for this handsome fellow – he got a new foster sister! Her name is Enaya and she apparently has a big ol’ crush on Saint Vincent – look how adorable she is trying to show off for him!

Thanks to the New York Bully Crew, who rescued Saint Vincent and his loving caretakers, Saint Vincent is recovering from his ordeal like a champ. The New York Bully Crew is out rescuing and giving second chances to abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs day after day.

You can homeless dogs like Saint Vincent by opening your home and hearts to fostering. Fostering an animal is a great way to make a difference for animals when you aren’t in a position to adopt. This helps the animal being fostered, shelters with space, and allows them to save another animal in need. As always, volunteering, educating others, and sharing profiles of adoptable pets is always an effective way to help shelter animals.

To learn more about New York Bully Crew or donate to Saint Vincent’s continued care, click here.