Every homeless and shelter companion animal (and all animals, really) deserves the chance to be loved, to have a place called home — it’s not too much to ask for. And thanks to non-profit animal rescue organizations like Hope for Paws, help and hope is on the way!

Hope for Paws rescues not only dogs, but all other animals as well, who are suffering on the streets and in shelters. Besides rescuing animals, their goal is to educate the public on the importance of companion animals in our society.

This video shows team members from Hope for Paws in action as they are called out to rescue a pit bull injured by children in the neighborhood throwing rocks at him. Pit bulls have been given an unfair label of being violent yet any dog has the potential to be made dangerous, and the pit bull in this video, given the name Buddha, is far from the typical stereotype!

Be prepared to tear up and smile at the same time as you watch sweet Buddha’s eyes cry to be loved.

Image source: Callie / Flikr