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Pit Bulls often get a bad reputation for being aggressive and vicious dogs. These stereotypes primarily come from the dog fighting industry where dogs, typically Pit Bulls or Pit-mixes, are abused by their cruel owners and forced to fight and even kill one another. In reality, Pit Bulls are not inherently aggressive or dangerous dogs, in fact, they used to be known as Nanny dogs because of their loyalty and sweet disposition. Unfortunately, the perpetuation of negative myths about Pit Bulls has caused many people to be afraid to adopt these pups, and consequently, they are among the most highly euthanized breeds in U.S. shelters.

Princess, the Pit Bull was one such Pit Bull mix was was scheduled to be euthanized. That is until Jenny and Jimmy Desmond found her and swept her away from harm.

Jimmy Desmond is a wildlife veterinarian. He and his wife travel internationally, rescuing animals and Princess was a welcome addition to their crew!

With her new parents by her side, Princess went from an “unadoptable” Pit Bull to a loving surrogate mother to other animals. 

The Desmond family works internationally as consultants for the Jane Goodall Institute, the Harmony Fund, and the Humane Society, treating abandoned, orphaned and injured animals of many different kinds.

The best thing about being in a family that travels around rescuing animals is meeting new friends.

“Princess is part of everything we do day to day and in the bigger picture.  She travels everywhere with us,” Jenny explained.

A few weeks ago, this on the go family headed off to Liberia, to work with a group of chimpanzees who were abandoned after having been the victims of cruel experimentation.

The Desmond’s were a part of a project that included the legendary primate expert Jane Goodall. Princess even got to meet her too!



If there is someone for everyone that must be true for pets too, as Princess is a perfect match for this altruistic family. People like this are living proof of how many wonderful people there are in the world helping animals every day.

All image source: Jenny Desmond