Pit bulls are by far the most stigmatized dogs in the companion animal world. Many immediately fear them thinking that they are “inherently dangerous” and “vicious.” These false notions have contributed to a string of breed discrimination policies across the U.S. known as breed specific legislation (BSL).

By enacting BSL, some towns believe they can lessen instances of dog bites and protect their residents from “dangerous dogs,” but since the policies do not hit at the root of the problem (i.e. poor dog guardianship), BSL has proven ineffective time and time again.

Given that pit bulls are so often “othered” by society, their shelter euthanasia rate is extremely high, hovering at a staggering 93 percent.

Stand Up for Pits Foundation, a nonprofit founded by actress and comedian Rebecca Corry, is on a mission to stamp out this stigmatization of pit bulls and show how loving they really are.

The organization recently put together the video here to prove that parents should have no fear – that pit bulls (endearingly called “pibbles”) and children can get along and be the very best of friends.

Truly, if we just put a little faith in pit bulls and treated them with the respect and kindness they deserve versus the rudeness and exploitation so many of them often receive, perhaps we’d all finally see that pit bulls are as wonderful as any other dog.

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Image Source: Stand Up For Pits Foundation/Facebook