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Latrice Harrison


Latrice Harrison was born and raised in Philadelphia PA. After graduating high school, she moved to New York City, where she studied musical theater at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. New York's vibrant, urban environment can be very inspiring and it was here that writing became an important part of her life. Latrice later went on to attend Temple University in Philadelphia, where she earned a degree in Cultural Anthropology. Curiosity, a passion for creativity and a thirst for adventure led her live a bohemian life for many years, working unusual jobs and traveling all over the world. Animals, food, travel, nature, the arts, the ocean, history, laughter, dancing and other forms of merriment are all among her favorite things. These days, she has slowed down to enjoy a peaceful life with her family in Chesapeake VA, where she is experiencing the joys of being a writer, a wife and a new mother.