There are few things in life more powerful than the bond between a mother and her baby. This is true for all animals, but it is particularly the case for mammals, who also nurse and cuddle their children for an extended period of time. It is hard to imagine experiencing the wonders of pregnancy, only to have your live, healthy baby taken away shortly after giving birth.

Yet this is the horrible fate that millions of dairy cows have to endure on a regular basis, living in factory farms. Like human mothers, cows develop deep and instant bondswith their children, but dairy cows never get to keep their babies. After all, if their calves were to drink all the milk – what would humans do?


This heart-wrenching video shows exactly how painful this process of separation is for the cow and her baby. Just like a human child, the calf cries out and tries against all odds to be with their mother. Seeing the mother and her friends rallying together to save the baby hits a nerve that is all too familiar. There is no way to question that these animals care deeply for one another and are extremely aware of their sad situation and fate.

So quickly we forget that in order to produce milk, dairy cows have to first give birth. That’s the real cost of a glass of milk.

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