If you’re having a bad day and just want something cute and simple to take your mind off things, then this cute baby mouse video is the one for you.

A baby mouse is shown eating a flower, and it’s a super adorable sight to see as she nibbles the petals off, tiny bite after tiny bite. The video is framed by a person’s hand, which gives you perspective as to just how small and precious this baby animal really is.

The mouse is just 20 days old in this video. The person who posted the video has raised her since she was about 11 days old and says she is the runt of the litter. “This was her first taste of a daisy, and she absolutely loved it,” wrote Connie Smith on Youtube. “Such a lovely little animal, hopefully when she is fully grown she can be released back into the wild again. Thanks for watching and enjoy.”

Want more adorable mouse sightings? Check out this video: Mouse Cuddles Up Next to Kitten.

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