Too many animals, including dogs, cats, primates, and rodents, are forced to be subjects of inhumane and invasive tests in laboratories. But there was one little mouse at Cardiff University who fought back and defended itself, biting the lab technician, which caused an allergic reaction and prompted the man to seek medical attention at a hospital.

The incident occurred in 2017, but it was released to the public recently thanks to campaigners from Cardiff Animal Rights. A spokeswoman for the organization stated, “It is absolutely not acceptable the amount of distress caused to living beings here. We call on Cardiff University to move forward and stop the cruelty and killing … There are a great many organizations that concentrate on medical research that do not use animals, as they are aware of the detrimental impact.”

A total of 46,743 animals were used as test subjects at Cardiff University last year, including two guinea pigs, four rabbits, 122 frogs, 1,825 fish, and 42,660 mice.

This incident is even further proof that animals, including those who are reduced to mere test subjects, are emotional sentient beings with a strong will to live freely. Subjecting animals to cruel and invasive laboratory testing is barbaric at best. Animal testing is completely outdated and ineffective, and it is high time laboratories across the world end animal testing and opt for more advanced, humane, and effective scientific procedures that do not involve animals.

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Image Source: Pixabay