As if we needed any more reason to avoid products tested on animals, the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) released an animated video discussing the downside to animal testing.

If you’re already taking a stand against animal tests, there’s no reason to watch the first minute and a half of this cartoon, though it does a good job making its case. The cute, simple animation style makes the graphic imagery of animal suffering and death all the more disturbing, and the beginning of this clip is quite depressing to watch, especially for those of us who love and empathize with animals.

The second half of the video is much easier to watch, highlighting modern cruelty-free robotic toxicity tests, and explaining why they’re faster, less expensive, and more effective than animal tests. If more companies used these methods, it would translate into safer products and bigger savings for consumers. So why are we still using animal tests again?

Image source: PCRM