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For most people, dogs and pigs are wildly different animals. One is considered a family member, a bedfellow, a best friend – while the other is considered … well, bacon. But the truth is, these two animals are actually incredibly alike. Pigs can learn tricks, they love to snuggle, and they’re highly social animals. And the same premise holds true for all farm animals: they’re sentient, emotionally complex creatures deserving of just as much respect, compassion and love as any household companion animal.

However, because most people only observe these animals when they’re (sadly) on their plates – and not in their living, loving form – it is easy to think these creatures are somehow different from beloved companion animals. After all, if we saw goats, pigs, and chickens in the same light we saw cats and dogs, how would we be able to justify the differences in how we treat them?

The good news for farm animals is, people are beginning to make this connection and see that farm animals are not too different for our other four-legged friends. So as a little reminder (with thanks to all the amazing farm sanctuaries out there), here’s proof that farm animals are just like our cats and dogs:


1. Farm animals LOVE to give kisses!

edgars-mission-give-kissesEdgar’s Mission



2. Barnyard babes have favorite toys too.

Farm Sanctuary



3. Pigs are all about the snuggles.

The Gentle Barn



4. Even goats have bath times (yes, they’re just as reluctant as dogs and cats).

Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

5. They know their names and come running when you call. 

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

6. Farm animals look forward to walks too!

maple-farm-sanctuary-go-forwalksMaple Farm Sanctuary



7. Scooby snacks? More like Piggy snacks!

Pigs Peace Sanctuary



8. They form strong bonds with humans.

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary


9. Farm animals have best friends and cows even have “Queen Bees” in their crowd.

SASHA-sanctuary-best-friendsSASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary


10. Belly rubs are universally appreciated. 

woodstock-sanctuary-belly-rubsWoodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary


Lead image source: ManuelFD/Xocolatl