Two teenagers were recently arrested for illegally capturing two alligators. They were 6 and 8 feet long, and still relatively young for alligators.

Police were sent to the location of a car accident, where they found an overturned SUV and two unharmed teens. They also found two alligators hanging from the rear window of the SUV. One was still moving slightly, so the police taped their mouths shut.

The teens admitted to capturing the alligators and attempting to kill them with a large rock during their morning fishing trip. They did not say what they had intended to do with the alligators.

The alligator that was still alive died shortly after, making the charges against the two boys even bigger.

Florida has seen its fair share of alligator and human run-ins, but this story definitely hit differently. The blatant disregard for life is saddening and shows just how little respect is given to these creatures. Like any animal, they are just trying to survive and will leave humans alone if they are left alone.

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