Friends, not food! Animals are loving, caring, sentient beings that are continuously being mistreated and under cared for in countries all over the world. We love them and are thankful for their presence. But do we fight for their rights as much as we should? Are we too self-absorbed? We have more than we could have dreamed up a mere 50 years ago, and still, animals suffer the way they have for decades, nay, centuries.

Between the fights, testing, factory farms, and terrible cases of abuse, animals are only in the spotlight when they act out. Do we ever stop to wonder why? Maybe it’s high time to further their rights and fight for their opportunity to share in this great big world.

Here are a few obvious reasons to share with other like-minded individuals, or even, try to reach out to those different in their views. Shed some light on the topic and get involved today!

1. They Are Subjected to Testing

5 Ridiculously Obvious Reasons to Fight for Animals

These poor rats, chimps, mice, and many other animals need our help. People, we are now in the 21st century. We’ve developed our technology both medically and technologically. Why are we still using helpless animals for medical procedures, cosmetic lines, and drug testing? Science has come so incredibly far in the last 20 years alone. There are a myriad of alternative options for animal testing. It’s time to demand more utilization for methods other than helpless and defenseless animals.

2. They Live in Poor Conditions

5 Ridiculously Obvious Reasons to Fight for Animals

Our companion animals are often treated like royalty, but what about the hundreds of thousands kept in labs and factory farms? Overcrowded and underrepresented. Imagine living in a house with thirty other people, unable to leave, hardly able to move around. Are you uncomfortable by this thought alone? I am too. Some animals are kept in these conditions from birth to death, never living freely, never given the opportunity to roam, and never experiencing fresh air or beautiful sunshine.

3. They Aren’t All That Different

5 Ridiculously Obvious Reasons to Fight for Animals

In some parts of the world, they eat animals we would consider companion pets like rabbits, dogs, and even guinea pigs.  It’s ridiculous how often meat-eaters scoff at this notion while eating a burger. What makes dogs and cows any different in terms of what makes them acceptable to eat? We wouldn’t barbecue Fluffy, so why would we barbecue a cow? They are all beautiful creatures. Why shouldn’t they be treated as such?

4. They Feel Like We Do

5 Ridiculously Obvious Reasons to Fight for Animals

We feel pain, pleasure, pressure, love, and the whole spectrum of emotions. Guess who else does? Yep, you guessed it. Animals! They have the capacity for pain, love, stress, and even longing. They feel as we do, and as such, their rights should be respected and valued. Not as a second thought, but as our first. We have more rights than we can count. Do they? It’s time to speak up.

5. They Are So Gosh-Darned Cute

5 Ridiculously Obvious Reasons to Fight for Animals

Last but not least, animals, all animals, are adorable and deserve a chance to live. They are beautiful in the way they interact with one another and us, they are intelligent, and they are not ours to use for our own gains. Join the fight to protect animals and their rights. Or, do a quick search to find organizations that can use your support.

Lead image source: Farm Sanctuary/Facebook