Compartmentalization is a vital tool humans use to navigate life. After all, if we worried about our social lives, our career, our friends, our family, our diet, plus all of the problems in the world today, all at the same time, we’d never get anything done. Compartmentalizing is very useful, but in some situations, it can also be harmful. Take food, for instance. We understand why somebody may want to push calorie-counting thoughts out of their mind while at a birthday party so that they can enjoy a slice of cake in peace. However, people also use this mechanism when thinking about the origins of their food. It is the reason so many people can wholeheartedly say they love animals … and then eat meat.

Unfortunately, there are several industries who work very hard to make sure people don’t connect these dots or at least don’t connect them in the way they should. However, sometimes it just takes one powerful photo of an animal clearly enjoying life to realize that they want to live just as much as anybody else. These moments are often captured on animal sanctuaries, where many times animals are experiencing love and affection for the first time in their lives.


Take Darius, for example. Darius is a baby goat who was rescued and taken in by Santuario Igualdad Interespecie. Although Darius is very young, he has had a lot of stress in his life thus far. Before being rescued, he was fed very little and was hardly given the care he deserves. Now that he’s at Santuario, he’s finally getting the protection and love he deserves – and then some. He’s been enjoying his new fluffy bed quite a bit and seems more relaxed than ever.

The look of happiness on Darius’ face is truly touching. You can tell that he is basking in his new freedom. If this isn’t evidence enough that animals feel emotions, we don’t know what is. 



According to Santuario, Darius is not completely at ease in the sanctuary yet, but considering all of the love we’ve seen Santuario staffers give the animals in their care, we have no doubt that he will be feeling better soon! If you believe that animals should be treated like friends and not food, share this article.


Image source: Santuario Igaldad Interespecie/Facebook