Animals raised on industrial farms are not given a chance to lead the life nature intended for them. Subjected to inhumane and abusive conditions, animals are regarded as “meat” from the day they are born until they reach slaughter weight. The driving motivation behind this insane practice is cheap meat prices. However, the price people don’t pay in a supermarket is made up by the terrible cost to animal well-being while living on a factory farm.

With a raising awareness being brought to the reality of the vicious cycle of industrial meat production, actions are being taken to ensure animals are raised “humanely.” But when humane officers seize animals for mistreatment, there is the growing problem of what to do with sick, injured farm animals.

This is where Indraloka Animal Sanctuary comes in. Located in Mehoopy, Pa., Indraloka takes in these downtrodden animals and literally brings them back to life. This video demonstrates the incredible commitment that the staff of Indraloka have to the animals they take in and shows just how far a little love and lots of care can go.