This amazing rescue pig, Miguel, just wants to cuddle with all his friends at Santuario Igualdad Interspecie, the farm animal sanctuary where he now lives.

While Miguel’s backstory before coming to the sanctuary is not known, it is obvious that whatever he has been through in his life doesn’t keep him from seeking out affection from both his animal and human friends at his new home. Hope the cow, Bella the dog, Aleli the cat and Ariel the human all share cuddles and affection with each other, although Aleli seems to get the short end of the stick when Miguel tries to steal all the cuddles from Ariel for himself!


Unfortunately, so many pigs just like Miguel never get to experience so much love and affection. Most people think that pigs are unintelligent, dirty animals who only exist to serve as “food.” But as Miguel and his friends prove, pigs are so much more! If we could all learn to see pigs for the amazing individuals they are, the world would be a much more compassionate place.