Many people don’t automatically think that cows and other farm animals share a lot in common with our house pets. After all, our dogs and cats are animals that not only share our homes with us, but they are also considered members of our families in many ways – this is hardly the case when it comes to farm animals. Because we think of cows, chickens, and pigs as being “different” from the other animals in our lives, we can justify how they are treated in the animal agriculture industry and not feel any reservations about eating farm animals but loving cats and dogs.

However, when you actually get to know farm animals, you will find that they are extremely similar to the dogs and cats that we know and love. Just take a look at Hope and Salvador, the two cows featured in this video. Hope and Salvador were rescued from life in animal agriculture thanks to Santuario Igualdad Interspecie, and they now get to spend their days living as they please, enjoying hugs and snuggles from their human friends. Seeing these cows interact with their caretaker, we can’t help but to be reminded of our pets and how they love to curl up for a belly rub as well.


Perhaps they’re not so different as some might think.