So, here’s the thing, animals completely dig each other. There is video, after video, after video showing not only animals of the same species but also many that are as dissimilar as can be hanging out, napping, playing and clowning around together.

Animals are smart, aware, and emotional. Kinda like us, right? Honestly, if we have the capacity to see a herd of cows and go into mega “awww” mode as we approach them for some quality communing, it makes perfect sense that a Bulldog would do the same thing.


It also adds up that the cows would be pretty into their doggy friend too. Do you love your dog and smother his squishy little face in kisses all the time? Case closed.

This video shows that these animals, one who is considered a pet and the others who only considered “food,” are all made up of the same stuff as us – the more people that realize that, the better.