Growing up with siblings can be fun, but growing up with a best friend is about 100 times better than that. It’s all the fun without the teasing and hair pulling (maybe we’re still a little bitter about that one). This puppy and kitten seem to have it figured out because not only are they siblings, they’re also best friends.

These little guys have gotten the best friend thing down. Completely shattering the stereotype that cats and dogs can’t get along, this pair have found common ground in their mutual love of getting into trouble. After all, getting into trouble is about the best thing that two tiny friends can do. Where one ventures on to the shoe rack to chew all the labels off the sneakers, the other climbs on board to keep watch for humans. They have also mastered the “but I’m too cute to be mad at!” eyes. Lucky for these guys, they actually are the most adorable creatures we’ve ever seen, so it’s pretty likely they can get away with anything, no problem.