Dogs and cats have a love-hate relationship with one another. One day, they cuddle. The next, they fight for that rightful seat on the couch. Having a dog and cat companion in one household is kind of like having furry siblings. Sometimes, you just got to break up a fight. But, other times, it’s these cute sibling moments that are most precious.

In the video above, watch a dog’s unsatisfied reaction when he finds his cat sibling cozying up in his plush dog bed. See the dog’s adorable pout as he tries desperately to get the cat out of the bed by pulling on the bed — and ends up flipping the bed over!

All siblings fight — even cats and dogs. But, then, at the end of the day, they make up and form a special bond with one another, like this paralyzed cat and abandoned dog friendship. Others have a friendship that will warm your heart! And still, others would rather be alone than hang out with their other counterpart and may steal what the other has — just check out these cats stealing dog beds!

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Image source: Alan Bruce/Flickr