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So, you read the headline, and you saw the picture. We bet you didn’t think that dog looked like much of a bad boy. But Rex was just that. In fact, he came close to being put to sleep because he was so aggressive towards people. It took two people working together just to give him his dinner. One person would have to draw his attention to the other end of the kennel, while another quickly slipped in his dinner bowl.

He was so ferocious that he would stick his head out of his dog run to snatch wild rabbits and kill them. Rex’s back story was unknown and it’s quite likely that he suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of humans, and like many dogs who suffer a similar fate, Rex may have just lost his ability to trust others and turned to aggression as a coping mechanism. Even the caring workers at Puriton Horse and Animal Rescue were near the end of their rope, although they hoped Rex would eventually turn a new leaf. And to everyone’s surprise, everything changed for Rex when he met Geraldine.

It’s a Story of Boy Meets Girl, Beauty Meets Beast, and Well… Dog Meets Goose.


The Workers Feared for the Worst the First Time Geraldine Approached Rex’s Pen. 


“At first we thought he was chasing her and they were fighting about who was boss, but she stood up for herself and that was that, they just fell for each other,” Sheila Brislin, who runs Puriton, explained. “They snuggle down together and Rex puts his leg over her to protect her. In the morning they have breakfast together. It’s really sweet to see them.”

But to Everyone’s Surprise, They Became Fast Friends!


They might seem like an odd couple, and they are from the outside looking in. But when you hear their back stories, it starts to make a lot of sense. Rex was rescued from a scrapyard, where he had spent all his life until the age of three chained up. The original shelter that rescued him couldn’t handle him, though. He bit everyone who came near, and would bark aggressively at everyone. Geraldine had been a family pet, but eventually her family couldn’t handle her. She was brought to Puriton and placed with the other birds, but she only had eyes for Rex.

Now, the Two of Them Cuddle Every Night.


They Play Together for Hours Every Day.


And Go for Long Walks in the Woods Together. How Romantic!


Now Rex is calm and contented, as is Geraldine. This animal odd couple proves that all you need is love and you can overcome any barrier, be it emotional traumas, or even inter-species romance!

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