If you already have a companion animal to call your own and love, you know the awesomeness that comes from the adoption of one of these cuties. Here, we have a list of ideas to share with someone who is currently thinking of getting their own companion animal to love and might need some additional reasons that weren’t addressed in other forums. It can even serve to inspire you to get another companion animal as well. There are some excellent reasons to adopt companion animals that are often overlooked or under-discussed. Hopefully, your friends will find these ideas helpful as you’re convincing them that it’s time to get a new friend for their home.

Remind Them That Their Fear of Commitment Is a Non-Issue

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There are groups focused on keeping animals out of shelters until they can find a suitable home. If your friend isn’t sure they want a long-term commitment, ask them to try to give fostering a go. They can contact their local shelter to see if any animals need a foster home. The usual set up is that the foster parent provides a safe place, a bed, and a food dish. Most shelters will provide the food/vaccinations/etc. Maybe, and hopefully, they’ll fall in love with the pet they’re fostering and opt to adopt instead.

Show Them That Adoption Is Better Than Buying

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If you’re looking for a dog, I’d recommend checking out the local shelters and finding one you aren’t purchasing from pet stores. The dogs from pet stores are often the result of puppy mills, which are commercial dog breeding facilities. These are often operated with little to no regard for the animals’ welfare, but instead, is solely geared toward profit. Stop perpetuating the need for these horrible places and adopt instead.

Gush Over The Fact That Most Adopted Animals Come Pre-Housetrained!

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Most pets that come from shelters are a bit older and may have already been housetrained by their previous owners. Which means, saving you the headache of pointing to the litter box hundreds of times or reminding them to not chew the corners of the kitchen table.

Show Them Variety Is Man’s and Woman’s Best Friend

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At your local animal shelter, you can find a unique and underrated animal to match your quirky personality. One who also likes to ride in the car with the windows down and head sticking out, one who eats anything set in front of them, one who lays upside down to watch the latest HBO show. The possibilities are endless and you get the time and opportunity to find one that really speaks to you and compliments your lifestyle.

Motivate Them With the Prospect of a Workout Partner

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There are hundreds of pictures/gifs/videos on the Internet depicting animals joining in for yoga or workouts with their humans. How cute would that be? Sun salutation with your floppy-eared friend, bakasana with your rescue bird on your shoulder? Dogs love to run, so you’ve got a running buddy there to help pull you forward in that last home stretch…where the food is.

Emphasize That Adoption Opens Up Space for Another Animal in Need

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When you adopt, you’re freeing up space in a shelter for another animal who needs the care and attention a shelter can provide. When your lovable companion goes home with you, the shelter accepts another animal to treat and care for so their human can finally find them.

Image Source: Amber Dubya/Flickr