If you have ever adopted a rescue pet, you already know how rewarding and special the experience is. The bond and happiness experienced between you and your new family member is unforgettable. However, not everyone knows what an amazing experience adopting/rescuing pets can be.

A new short documentary series on YouTube called “The Sidekick Series” hopes to share the wonderful experience of pet adoption through touching real life stories. The series features a short documentary every week telling the story of a rescued cat or dog and their guardian.


The Sidekick Youtube channel states, the mission of the series “is to help raise money and awareness for the rewards of rescuing a pet and encourage millions more to adopt their very own sidekick!” To donate or find out more about the series, visit The Sidekick Series main website.

So far, the six episode series features dogs, cats, and their guardians from the New York area, specifically from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. This includes the two videos below. Episode six features the espresso-brown eyebrow dog Harriet and her guardian Caldwell, and episode  five features cat lover Clare and her ‘fur child’ cat Simon.

These documentaries are only a few minutes long, but they so clearly show the rewarding lives of rescued pets.

Episode 5: Simon & Clare


Episode 6: Harriet & Caldwell